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Our power is cultivated with our health, and how we feel daily. Our body functions optimally when we are happy and feel good in our body and mind. Physical issues can be resolved by helping the body heal on the other layers: mental, emotional, and spiritual. Energy healing can help us restore our body, and help restore our cells to our natural state of being. Read testimonials here. It’s now been scientifically discovered that most issues that develop are emotionally based, and a result of stuck energy from past traumas, memories, or experiences that have happened. By restoring health in our body and mind, we can help avoid disease before it begins.

Energy healing is a safe and holistic healing system that enhances the energy flow within our body. It works with the energetic body, the main energy centers called chakras, to promote optimal wellness. It is similar to acupuncture, as it stimulates our ‘chi’ and helps balance our body and increases flow. Energy work helps to remove past pain, memories, traumas, emotional imbalances, and dissolves energetic blocks. It attacks issues on the cellular level and helps heal chronic ailments. It is especially great for people who are more sensitive and empaths who may easily pick up other peoples energy.

You will feel calm, relaxed, and more clear after each session. Reiki always works with an open mind, and clear intention, and can help anyone let go of issues, and help us attract more of what we desire. It helps people relax, and is a safe self healing modality.

Energy healing can help us relax, and feel at peace

The auspicious nature of energy work has been questioned and greatly misunderstood, as it goes beyond what a science text book teaches. It uses powerful techniques to heal the body and eliminate disease at the root or core level. When we work with the chakras, we are able to overcome past fears, and mental, emotional, blocks. This helps us loose weight, feel better, improves digestion, and improves our health. Science now proves that the cause of most diseases are rooted in our emotional wellbeing, and how our cells have responded to what has happened in our life.

We can heal ourself naturally and feel great easily

How Energy Healing Helps

Why Kali?

  • Has an innate intuitive ability and healing hands
  • Integrates various healing modalities to eliminate pain and suffering
  • Has yoga and ayurvedic background in self healing modalities and sciences
  • Experienced in teaching yoga, coaching, facilitating, and guiding others
  • Can help you move emotions and stuck or trapped energy