Break through Negativity & Depression –> Get Happy & Energized Now!

Do this meditation to overcome depression, anxiety, insecurity, and negativity. This Kundalini meditation will help you break through blocks fast and give you an instant energy kick! It’s fast, easy, and very effective. The breathe technique also helps to stimulate your digestive organs and gives you more vitality.

Ego Eradicator Benefits:

  • Instant Energy Booster
  • Extends lung capacity
  • Rids your aura of negativity
  • Improves digestion
  • Empowers You
  • Releases anger
  • Cuts through mental blocks
  • Gets rid of confusion
  • Helps you get clear, fast
  • Releases habits of reaction

Mudra: Curl the fingers, extend your thumb

Eyes: Closed. Focus at your forehead.

Breathe: Breathe of Fire (pant like a puppy while snapping navel in on exhale)

Time: Do 3 minutes daily. Work up to longer times. Do 1 minute routines throughout day when needed.

Do Meditation: Set your timer. Extend arms out to 60 degrees, lock out arms as best you can. Close eyes. Do breathe of fire.

When timer dings, take a deep breathe, with eyes closed and extend arms up and thumbs to touch. Hold air in. Exhale sparkle fingers down to floor.

Take a few seconds with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes.