Oh the weather outside is frightful! Staying inside sounds way more delightful in the colder season of Winter.

The Winter Season is the coldest time of the year, and an important time for us to slow down, reflect, and do our own hibernation. Our bodies can naturally remove toxins, and shed the past, if we give it time. In the Winter we tend to confront issues, and learn to adapt to better ways of living. It’s the best time to really let go, move forward, and reevaluate what needs to change so YOU can live better.

The Winter season is a great time for cleansing and doing new health practices, and taking extra good care of your body.

With the holidays and new year celebrations, it is extra important to hydrate, and resist the urge to over indulge. Take care of you, slow down, and nurture yourself. If you get hit with the cold, honor yourself, and let your body heal.


Yogic and Ayurvedic Tips to survive the Winter Season:

    Just like animals, humans need their time to refuel and recharge. Ditch the high energy workouts and your normal routine, and let your body unload the past year with extra TLC

    Take time to rest more, relax, and let yourself get extra sleep
    Slow down, and be okay eating less
    Have a day where you stay inside relaxing and cozy in your PJs

    The colder weather and because we naturally move less during this time of year causes our body to become a bit sluggish. Though it’s tempting during the holidays, this is the best time to eat less, feel more, and get in touch with you body and what it really wants beyond food, drinks, or other holiday cheer.
    Choose warm, moist, nourishing vegetables and soups
    Avoid raw foods, juices, and cold foods
    Get more root vegetables like beets, potatoes

    Stress becomes a natural thing for us, if we don’t take time to chill out. You would be surprised what happens when you move less, breathe more, and let yourself be still. Winter is the perfect time to zen out, get calm, and even confront what new exercise modalities you can explore to keep your body healthy.
    Participate in deep breathing and meditation (this helps you digestion)
    Take more gentle walks, and less rigorous workout routines
    Take time to get some fresh air daily, and get outside (even if it’s cold)

    Consider what the past year taught you
    Write your goals for this year
    Consider 3 health factors you can upgrade in this year
    Journal on what or who no longer serves you
    Create a list of what you want to accomplish

    Life moves fast and often we get lost in the hustle and business of everything, where we forget to focus back on ourselves. Use the end of the year and new year to realize where you may have lost touch with you and how you can recommit to your hobbies, passions, goals, and even relationships (Including the one you have with you).
    Have a date with yourself. Spend the day, or half day just with you doing what you enjoy, and even eating.
    Consider what areas you are wasting or giving too much
    Set new goals, and even a bucket list of your desires