Conscious Parenting for the New Generation

The new generation of kids being born are very different than past generations. They are born more sensitive, with a different level of consciousness, and are more aware. Knowing your child, for who they are, their unique qualities, and personality traits is essential so you can raise them well. Then you can know when they fall out of harmony with who they are. Trauma and drama that happens when they are young, can affect them forever, unless we learn to deal with hard issues and remain happy and well.

You can learn through Yogic sciences and Astrology what your kid is like and understand their habits, strengths, weaknesses, and how they interpret life. Through knowing the psychology of their mind and how they see the world you can have a better understanding of who they are. Having insight in how they perceive the world can help you make better choices and help your children grow up in a good state. You can also know what areas they are naturally strong in, and which areas they may need some help in.

We are all different. No one is the same. All kids deserve to be unique. Children should be allowed to be themselves in their most natural form. The more we treat the new generations with kindness, honesty, and love, the better role models they will have. Helping the children grow up happy can help then word become better. The future generation is what matters most!


Kids want love. Children choose their parents to have love and a good life. It’s imperative to know your child so you can love them, protect them, and coach them in how to grow up to be their best selves! Help them stay ‘in balance’ and grow up emotionally well, mentally happy, and keep them naturally loving.

—> The more we can know ourselves, know each other, and allow everyone to be themselves, the better and more loving the world will be. Keep kids genuine as themselves and let them be their own loving, playful selves.



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