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Kali Bliss Yoga

Feel Good + Fulfilled!

Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness, & Magic.

Kali Bliss Yoga strengthens and tones the entire body to help you feel radiant and wonderful from the inside out. Kali’s Yoga techniques let you open your heart, and leaves you feeling renewed, relaxed, and rejuvenated! She integrates movement with vinyasa and breathing and meditation techniques.

Kali Bliss yoga will grant you a total work in and workout. With her authentic blend of movement, meditation, mantra, and more, she creates magic in your mind, body, soul. Kali integrates anusaura inspired heart alignment, with classic vinyasa yoga, breath techniques, vedic wisdom, and an artistic flair of creative mindful movements. She aims to make yoga fun, and wants to show you how easy it is to be yourself and love yourself, and your life!

Yoga is more than a pose, it’s a practice to help you open your heart, and align with the best, most joyful version, of yourself.

Transform, and become the best version of YOU.

Join Kali at CorePower Yoga at CorePower Yoga in San Diego.

Kali Teaches at Festivals & Events all over.

San Diego International Yoga Festival – Saturday June 17, 2017

Movement & Music

Kali combines vinyasa flow movement with the principles of Anusaura and Kundalini technology in a way that works the entire body. She is able to open channels in the body in a systematic way that unblocks your heart and empowers you to live your yoga as a practice on the mat and off. Her classes are unique filled with good music, a fun authentic flair, and a playful energy that will leave you feeling blissed out. She teaches self care, self love, and transformation through mindfulness.

Meditation & Mantras

With Kundalini Yoga kriyas, breath work, and meditation techniques Kali facilitates a dynamic space for healing that reduces stress, improves digestion, and established total well being for ultimate health, happiness, weight loss, and ease. With mantras, and superior playlists, and her own healing hands, she creates a safe environment for you to dive deeper into better health, happiness, and total harmony in your mind, body, and life.

Mindfulness Magic

With an uplifting and positive personality, Kali rejoices in teaching people how to show up better in their life, habits, and personal well being. Yoga is more than pose, but a way to live happier and more loving in yourself. Her classes are well rounded and focused on developing peace, harmony, and love. She inspires to help others live stress free, happier and healthier in their mind, bodies, and hearts. Transform with Kali’s Yoga magic!
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