You know the famous saying, ‘Trust the Universe’, and you’ve probably heard many yoga teachers talk about the power of divine faith, but what does that saying really mean?

Trusting the universe means allowing the unexpected and expected things to happen, and trusting that even when life’s messiness happens, we can remain calm, tranquil, and stay neutral, rather than fall into a destructive spiral or emotional reaction.

Essentially, I’ve learned, it means letting yourself let go, and living totally present in everything we do.

Just like a relationship, trust is built overtime. Our minds can always cause us to believe various things, get triggered, or think we know the truth. Really, our minds are what are creating reality, and every relationship and experience. As we develop our own self awareness, and learn to trust our instincts, and navigate life with our own connection and intuition, ‘trusting the universe’ gets easier, and becomes more clear.

Without knowing how we personally connect to the cosmos, life, and our dreams, we may end up in sticking situations, make bad choices, and take what we think are ‘guided’ leaps, and fail. Trusting goes beyond what you see, manifest, and attract. It has to do with being aware of what you are creating, wanting, and doing with yourself, your mind, and reality.

Trusting the universe takes time. Learning to trust ourself, our own intuition, choices, and ability to create in life is not as easy as some yogis and spiritual people make it to be. It also means developing our mind, working on our own issues, and learning to understand how we individually function and create our life. We can trust the universe, and ask, and get, and say YES to many things in life. However, it’s up to us to learn to trust ourselves, what is truly the right choice, and what is necessary for us individually where we are at.

Merely trusting signs and seeing what people think, is not enough.

We must learn to go within, get our own answers, and become better in ourselves.

Our minds can create any reality we want it to. Just because we are asking does not always mean it is the right choice. Yet, our reality could show us ‘signs’ and license plates and all sorts of random synchronicities. Seeing that, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always the right choice or the best direction to go towards.

We must learn to become navigators of our own life, including what we see, what we attract, who we allow to be in our life, and what we are working towards. Without conscious focus and attention, and mindfulness, simply trusting the universe won’t always get you to the best place. We often attract and want what we think we need… we can’t say yes to everything. Being practical is key.

However, I do believe that certain events in life are fated to happen. Those wild unknown and unfortunate circumstances can cause us to trust more in life, ourself, and learning to flow. Trusting does not mean controlling or forcing the universe with what you think is best. In fact often, the lessons come the more we trust, let go, follow our heart, and authentically pursue our life’s purpose (if we are even connected to it).

We all can create anything and do anything in life. However, to live a mindful life, and truly trust in the universe, we all must be willing to confront ourselves, and understand what our purpose is and how we can create more joy, love, and kindness within ourselves, and within the world. The only way to really know what is real in life, beyond maya, or illusion, is by deconstructing the ego. Otherwise our mind and ego will continue to confirm we are right and on the ‘right path’. Do be mindful of what teachers you trust, and whos message you take and do. While advice is great to hear, we all must learn to develop our own sense of self and make proper choices, and be mindful and aware of what and why we are doing it.

If we are trusting, and believe that some higher force helps us always, we can learn to share more joy, happiness, and passion in everything and everyone. To me, trusting the universe is more about aligning with your soul and becoming  fulfilled in yourself. When you are able to be free from worry, doubt, expectations, you no longer suffer, or try to control life and others. Instead, you trust, surrender, and let the right people and doors open.

Because real abundance is trusting that you are taken care of always, and knowing that the more we all trust together, and help each other believe in that force, we can all become a whole lot happier. When the ego gets out of the way (which takes work individually within ourselves) we can authentically show up in life and release the need to do those things the ego tells us to do.

The hardest task of all, is always strengthening that intuitive muscle and knowing how we connect with everything and the universe. Making wise choices, based not on a random sign or synchronicity, but being totally present with our why, can help. Trusting is ultimately up to us to develop. Learning to trust ourself, guide ourselves, and make proper choices, and form good relationships, help us develop more trust in letting the universe bring us the best people, opportunities, and perfect moments that lead us to our hearts true desire and real authentic happiness.

Quite trusting the universe, and looking outside. Instead, trust yourself.

Let go of self doubts or mind chatter that convinces you otherwise. Choose to trust in life, and make conscious choices, and treat others with respect, and know that by living in alignment with that trust, you can be granted more magic and manifestations easier. Work on your mind, your issues, your negative self talk, or jealousy, and begin their to trust that you can take control of your own mind, body, and self. Trust yourself enough to know its perfectly okay, to trust, and not know, and gain new perspectives.

Own your life, limitations, and trust that happiness can be built inside, when you make the choice to trust in you and make better choices that can help turn your life around.

I know we all have that ability to create a happy and healthy self, and live a good life with other kind people.