Kundalini Yoga can help You live Happier, Healthier, & in Harmony!

Kali can help you transform, and grow into alignment with Love – your mind, body, & heart.


Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technology that utilizes ancient Yogic secrets and systematic yoga and breathe routines to help balance the mind, body, and soul. 

Kundalini yoga and the breathe kriya excercises help strengthen the nervous system, work your glandular system, and fires your digestion! It helps the body detox, purifies the blood, and helps you have more energy for your day. It helps with weightless, allows you to better manage stress, reduces worry, and teaches you how to tame your mind, react less, and have more inner peace, and a lot more JOY.

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness.

It is the technology of happiness, and helps you become the best version of you.

  • Help you heal your body
  • Allow you to process emotions easier
  • Helps you tame your mind
  • Removes Fear
  • Assist you in developing healthier habits
  • Reprograms your subconscious 
  • Improves your Sex life
  • Heals your body, mind, and grants you energy to move forward
  • Lets you let go – mentally, energetically, emotionally, physically
  • Raises your awareness
  • Is a tool to live in higher consciousness and positivity
  • Lets you loose weight faster
  • Balances your body, organs, and assist you in living well

This yoga is for everyone. Kundalini was specially designed for busy householders, and to help with the chaotic times of the digital age. It revolutionizes your body, stills the mind, and helps you live better in everyday life. It is the best natural remedy to heal the body, prevent disease, and to help you feel fabulous daily!

The Kundalini technology and mantras are incredible and necessary for pregnant moms, and to help your children while in the womb. This yoga can help with mental disorders, helps kids cope, banishes negativity, and can help everyone break bad habits and reactions. It transforms you on every level and every layer!


Kundalini Energy in the Body:

Kundalini is the latent female energy that is found at the base of the spine.There are many yogic beliefs about kundalini, and how to ‘awaken’ the energy. It is considered in the yoga tradition that once the Kundalini energy rises, it transforms individuals and gives you an ‘enlightened’ state of mind. The kundalini energy rises through the chakras, and through the spine and body, and grants individuals mystical experiences. Often those who have had real Kundalini experiences, have awakened to higher consciousness and live in a higher reality that is different than what most see and know. Your body awakens with the feminine energy through yoga, purification, breathe, kriyas, and meditation.

Kundalini energy is represented by a snake. It is unknown in the Western medical community, and it is often understood unless you have had the experience. Yogi Bhajan created ‘kundalini yoga’ as a way to help people balance their body, sustain their mind, and help people in the new digital age. Many people practice kriyas and kundalini yoga. That does not mean they have had the full experience of spiritual awakening or have taken the full journey of Kundalini.

Kundalini Awakening.

I can tell you from experience, that when your body/soul chooses to ‘awaken’, it is often an unpleasant surprise. The journey through Kundalini and to the soul is not easy. Your shadow side comes up, difficulties, issues, and there are things individuals need to work through.

There are many yoga teachers today, as Yoga is spreading as a physical practice in the Western World. There are few teachers who know the teachings and teach the teachings. Yoga was created to create peace, harmony, and help sustain happiness through proper self care and health. All Yoga helps you deal with your mind, and helps promotes peaceful living. It is more than a booty tone, workout, or a place to make big bucks. Yoga is a practice through the self, to the self, and involves the mind, body, and breathe. No teacher can tell you or be the guru. People can inspire and encourage you! Just like anything else, there are many ‘phonies’ and people or yoga teachers who claim to know, and really know nothing at all.

The Kundalini awakening is a mystical experience. No words can describe it, and those that have gone through it have changed dramatically from it. The more yoga you practice, and the better you take care of your mind, body, and what you feed yourself, the easier it is to live joyfully and peacefully. This yoga helps prep the body, and helps you awaken your intuition, find your own happiness, and guides you to live in alignment with who you are, and who you came here to be.

Joy, happiness, good health, and love are available to us all. We must learn how to access the power inside, and teach ourselves how to SAY YES to our heart, and live from our soul!