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Kali Bliss Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher in Encinitas, California
Encinitas Yoga and Meditation Teacher | Kundalini Yoga | Kali Bliss Yoga Teacher
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Marketing & Career Consulting

Create, connect, and inspire. Learn how to use your passions in bigger ways. Kali can help you understand your gifts, talents, and guide you in your career calling. She does digital marketing, and loves creating strategies, developing projects, managing, and storytelling through online media. She’s skilled in seo, content creation, social media, web design, project management, and more.

Yoga & Wellness Coaching

 Kali can help you feel good, and have more energy daily! She specializes in helping people improve their self image, and loves motivating and teaching others how to cultivate more self love, and self care. Kali is trained in ayurveda and psychology, and does coaching, and blends yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more. Kali promotes balance, and helps people understand how to live with, less stress, and more joy and happiness daily.

Photography & Branding Strategies

Kali’s passion for photography and art has led her on many travels, adventures, and photo jobs. She has worked for nonprofits and traveled internationally to document humanitarian causes and trips. Kali shoots portraits, food, branding photos, sports, yogis, events, and more. She studied photography and enjoys sharing her creativity through writing, blogging, and more. She does content marketing, writes for magazines, and shares her wandering mind on Instagram.

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Kali is a  yoga teacher, and empowerment coach, passionately teaching people how to feel good in their mind, body, and life. She is trained in ayurveda and psychology, and has a wealth of yoga knowledge, and experience teaching and facilitating groups.

Make yoga more than a practice. Live yoga as a lifestyle!

She loves helping people tap into their bliss, and connect to their creative, happy, and joyful nature.

With some yoga, peace of mind, breath, and balance, you can overcome habits and hurdles that may keep you from living happily. Kali inspires people to live their yoga off their mat, and integrate easy yoga and meditation techniques in their every day life.

Let Kali help you transform, to become the best, most authentic, version of you!

Join one of Kali’s Meditation challenges, or try coaching. Kali’s unique Yoga Star Charts fuses yoga sciences to help people understand themselves, and their soulful true nature. Kali can create a wellness plan, and help you improve your health, energy levels, and give you easy ways to improve your digestion, and total wellbeing.

Besides Yoga, Kali is a photographer, marketing magician, writer, creative artist, and world traveler. After years of teaching yoga, coaching wellness programs, and studying Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, and self healing techniques, Kali loves sharing all she’s learned. She writes for Elephant Journal, Yoga Digest, LA Yoga Guide Magazine, and more. As a humanitarian, and ocean lover, Kali believes in sustainability, and aims to help humanity evolve in good ways, so future generations can live better.

 Kali can guide you in creating good health, happiness, and harmony, with mindfulness, yoga, and more.

Create Peace & Harmony in your Mind, Body, & Heart.

Your Health and Happiness is Your Power.

Tap into your Bliss, and Joyful Nature!

Live Well Now.

Kali Bliss us a Yoga Diva. She is passionate about helping people feel good within themselves. As a wellness leader, and advocate for social and environmental change, Kali loves helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Kali loves fuses yoga sciences and technology to teach balance, and help people be the best version of themselves.She loves inspiring others to make yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, part of their every day lifestyle. She can help you easily destress, and feel radiant.

Your life is your masterpiece, make it ooommmmazzzzzing!!

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