Reviews & Testimonials

“That [Astrology Start Chart] was so fascinating and helpful to me. It’s crazy how spot on you were with some of the small details and specific dates that line up with my current timeline and plans. I am blown away by that reading. I’ve been at a low point in my life and learning a lot about myself, good, bad, and ugly. It’s so rewarding to hear what’s in store for my future if I just continue to listen and manifest.

Wow. Seriously. I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever had done. And it’s so cool that I get a voice recording from you that I can refer back to! 

It brought me so much peace and you interpreted my chart so eloquently. Your voice is so soothing and clear. I REALLY needed this.”

Carly S, Model

“Kali is on the mark! Everything that she said about my chart I completely aligned with and unlike other people she puts things in terms that anyone can understand. I now feel equipped with the knowledge to step into my most authentic self in the next year and beyond. I also really loved the personalized Yoga incorporation that will also allow me to align with my highest calling and self! If you are hesitant about having your chart read, this is a sign “GET IT DONE NOW!”

Arielle S.

“Kali B teaches a stupendously awesome class.  I have taken restore classes before with other teachers at your studio and with conventional “masters” such as Roger Cole at Del Mar Yoga, and in my experience she is the very best of all.  Her calming demeanor, choice of poses, timing of poses and use of props is just perfect.  Her choice of music is pretty awesome too and fits the class genre.  I have learned so much from her in just a short time and made significant progression with respect to actually being able to get the supposed benefits from the blocks for the various poses. She offers something unique.”

David, CorePower Yoga Student

“Perfect balance of instruction and silence so we can find our own rhythm.  I love Kali’s classes…I go to HPF 6 days/week and she is one of the best instructors I have.  Perfectly challenging, meaningful messages, perfect voice tone, great music.  Just a wonderful person to lead a class!”

CorePower Yoga Student

“Honestly, this session was a huge game changer for me emotionally and spiritually. Kali has an exceptional gift in tuning into your energy 🙂 She heals from a place of ultimate compassion and holds space to really connect to your needs and intentions. Definitely looking forward to doing another session with her. If you have never tried Reiki – let her be your first experience!”

Ashley Lopez, CorePower Yoga Teacher & Assistant Manager

“My reiki healing experience with Kali cannot be put into words but I’ll do my best. I had never done anything like this until a friend recommended Kali. I showed up with an open mind and a prayer. During our time together, i could feel old emotions that no longer serve me leave my being. At the time of our session, I was in a “dark” place. Our reiki session enabled me to transition from mind living to heart living. Some of the energy that came up during the session did not make sense but with some time, everything came together as one and the light gets brighter with each breathe. Everything I had been dreaming of while things seemed rough have since manifested in my life. Believe in your dreams.”

A.D. Nist,  1love1light

“I first met Kali at CorePower Yoga and was thrilled to meet someone so kind, warm hearted and excited about what she gets to do everyday. I started going to her classes regularly and felt lighter and more grateful each time I left her class. She found new and exciting ways to theme her classes and gave wonderful adjustments­ what I love! My favorite part was walking into the studio and she notices I’m there in class, says my name and asks how my day is going. It’s not very often teachers remember your name, let alone have time to ask about you. I later tried a Reiki treatment and she had me fully relaxed after the hour session ­exactly what I was looking for. Kali has great energy and just being around her makes you feel good too!”

Andrea Wikenheiser, Marketing Specialist & Certified Yoga Teacher

“Kali is an old soul in a young vibrant body. She has wisdom beyond her years. I first met her in yoga and when she started the class I knew there was something special about her, the way she spoke and conveyed any message of what was going on at that time energetically and with astrology. There is a universal message and language and she has mastered in her teaching and communicating. Now that she has started her weekly videos I can see what her message is on a regular basis. She is a true gift and fellow soul seeker on this journey we call life. I look forward to seeing her grow her skills as she moves along her path.”

Tammy M, Self Employed

Kali is truly an amazing practitioner. This was my first ever experience with Reiki, so I had no idea what to expect, but after the session was done I had an incredible sense of peace and groundedness. Kali is great at creating an open, inviting and safe environment to share your energy,  while working towards personal healing and growth. I cannot wait till our next session!”

Erica Hollern, MAT Specialist

Experiencing a Reiki treatment from Kali was very healing and comforting. Kali has a natural psychic ability and was able to open up a clearer channel to my intuition when I had become a little disconnected from it. She creates an open and safe space for insight and release.”

Alyx Walkinshaw, Yoga Instructor

“I went to see Kali for some Reiki when I was not at my best. She is a very talented energy worker, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The session was incredibly helpful and balanced my body, mind and spirit! Gave me some feedback from my guides that has proven to be invaluable!  Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to release some old baggage and open up to the abundance awaiting! :)”

Dee Hayes, Yoga Instructor & Astrologer

“Her voice can be heard and flows smoothly and melodically.  She weaves a story line indicating the benefits of each posture.   Clearly demonstrates t positions as class progresses and makes adjustments as needed. She has great energy and I feel this helps with the overall comfort level in the room.”

Anonymous, Students Feedback from CorePower Yoga 

“I had a great class today with Kali. I am just coming back to yoga after a back injury. I really appreciated her class today because she gave such precise and helpful cues. I felt safe in her class and came out without injury. Thank you for hiring such a excellent yoga teacher. She said that she is normally at Point Loma. I will make an effort to seek her out for further classes because she seems to be one of your best teachers. Thank you.”

Anonymous, Student from CorePower Yoga, submitted feedback online

“I come to the Del Mar studio just to take Kali’s class on Thursday mornings.  I find her HPF to be so in tune to the style that keeps me motivated to work hard, yet balanced, grounded and calm in my practice.  Kali is so knowledgeable about the physical and spiritual side of yoga and shares this in a very beautiful way with her students. She is always available to talk and answer questions after class and she has inspired me in my journey by sharing her journey with me.  It is worth the extra 20 minute drive to take her class!”

Sharon F, College Essay Advisor & Consultant

 “Kali’s knowledge and passion for yoga is inspiring. She was very supportive when giving feedback. This helped me feel comfortable.”  “Kali was a great coach. She was always there to answer any questions we had and always kept a positive attitude.”  “Brought a beautiful grounded energy to the training. Very knowledgable, inspiring, and encouraging!”  “She is a great asset to your company and community” “Kali gave amazing feedback and having taken her classes, she explains the postures and breaks them down in a way that makes sense. I love how she shares her personal experiences.”

Anonymous, Students from CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Program

“Kali a remarkable person, and yogi who is well on her way to becoming a remarkable tt coach. Throughly enjoyed all interactions with her!!”

CorePower Yoga Student