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Create a Life You Love By Aligning with Your Soul & Understanding Your Natural Cycles of Nature

What are Astrology Soul Charts?

 Decode Your Soul Story & True Essence

Astrology and numerology are powerful tools that can help us understand ourselves, our patterns, habits, strengths, and guide us in making optimal choices that can serve us. Understanding our unique energy, karma, and cycles can help us make better choices and become more self aware and mindful.

Learn about YOU – your personality, challenges, obstacles, and learn how to overcome suffering and get clarity about your life.

Be guided in how to grow, and create more love and harmony in yourself, and your life.

Unlock and understand your Soul story and learn how to make changes to drive more happiness, joy, purpose, and ease.

Improve the Relationship You have with You & Others.

Be empowered to make positive changes in your life. Astrology and Yoga sciences can help us better understand ourself, circumstances,  family, issues,  health, other people, and more. It’s a great tool to help you live life well and adopt a higher perspective about YOU and your life.

 Discover your talents and gifts.

  • Improve your relationships, and communication

  • Receive yoga recommendations, and mindful tips for mind + body

  • Understand your Karma & How to Evolve Out of Limiting Patterns

  • Identify your strengths, talents, and gifts

  • Understand your unique Psyche & Transform Your Relationship with You

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Why Astrology?

Astrology is a science that can help us understand ourselves, and the world we live in. By being aware of our own astrology, and the energy that creates us, we can be aware of our psyche. With consciousness, we can become more mindful of our reactions, behaviors, and how we cope, and live in the world.

Astrology can help lead us to the ultimate form of yoga, that is knowing ourself.

By freeing our mind of patterns, habits, and karmas, and gaining awareness we can become more secure in ourself, and who we really are. Learn how to create peace and ease within yourself, and with all relationships.

Astrology can help us understand our personality, why we are the way we are, and help us create less conflict within us and around us. It is a powerful tool to help us with physical ailments, and can help us improve our health, and how we feel, and show up in life. Learning our personal cycles, and understanding our chart and how we’re uniquely set up, can offer new perspectives and guide us in transformation.

The way to happiness after all, is knowing ourself, and creating a real relationship with who we are, and living that authentically & daily in our life.

Get to know Yourself on New Levels.

Fusing Astrology with Yoga Science to help people thrive in this world.  

Become more conscious in how you show up in life and have tools to help you succeed in creating the life and love you desire.

Discover how to Say YES to YOU ~ Live in Alignment with Who you were born to be.

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  Understand how to face challenges and breakthrough limitations. 

Learn about your unique personality and Soul essence, to tap into bliss with alignment.  

Your dharma is your destiny. Only you can make the choice to step into it.


Say YES to YOU!

Become the best version of YOU.

Create More Magic in the Mundane.

  • Develop a better connection with You – your body, mind, Soul & psyche

  • Health & Yoga recommendations to best soothe your soul

  • Understand how to overcome blocks & limitations to create a life you love

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