Why Astrology & Soul Star Charts

Get an Astrology Soul Star Chart Done By Kali & Learn Why:


Kali’s star charts offer an opportunity to help you decode your soul story and understand your karmic influences, so that you can create the best life for yourself! Learn more about astrology star charts and understand you and your soul on deeper layers.


How Kali Got Involved with Astrology – A note from Kali:

Astrology found me at my first job out of college and followed me, especially when I was working in the Yoga Scene full time. It sparked an interest, I began exploring it, had astrology readings, and was blown away from the start. I began to study and learn more about astrology. When I did Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I learned a lot more about the yoga sciences and how astrology and numerology connect us to nature, life, and the human body. I knew that this information was powerful and very useful and wanted to do something with the knowledge I’d gained. Thus, I was inspired to create a “Yoga Star Chart” back in 2016. Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about astrology, got certified in psychology and numerology, and continue to explore philosophies and more. I began doing readings and sharing what I know with others. After getting positive feedback from astrology readings, I know this information is useful for everyone. I’ve evolved my astrology star charts and now call them “Astrology Soul Start Charts” and provide a PDF and digital recording about the chart  and person/ soul that I’m doing the reading for.

If it wasn’t for astrology, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. Because of astrology and the yogic sciences I was able to understand certain things I had to go thru in life and why, which helped me get thru some of the toughest challenges and times of my life. I was informed of my tough cycle and was told it wouldn’t be easy, and if I hadn’t had that awareness, I may not have survived the experience. Thru my own journey, astrology and numerology has helped ground me, explain why things happen, and help me refine my choices. I shifted my perspective from thinking life was about working up the career ladder, getting married, and having kids, and decided to pursue my passions and dreams in a bigger way. I listened to the data astrology and numerology provided and aligned with my personal cycles, trusting the process, and knowing my own evolution was happening. That healing cycle was rough, taught me a lot, and allowed me to gain more strength and wisdom than most people know.

I recommend getting an Astrology reading, to have your own experience, understand your soul, and have new awareness about YOU and how to navigate life! Kali’s reading are unique and one of a kind and she uses all she’s learned about the mind, consciousness, yoga, and more, to tell the story of you, who you are, what you came here to do, lessons, challenges, and give you insight into your own personal cycles and energy.


Why Astrology?!?

Astrology helps us grow and evolve and gives us a roadmap on how to do it. It also lets us understand people and how to communicate more effectively. We are all unique and born with different talents and karma. Using astrology, you can begin to understand why things happen, what you individually need to go thru, your karma, and it can help offer tools and new perspectives that can radically transform your life.

Like Yoga teaches us, we are not separate from nature or one another. Astrology helps us shift our psyche and understand our unconscious and limitations so that we can wake up within ourselves and our shadow, and make positive changes and better choices.


How an Astrology Chart Reading Can Help You

Developing self awareness and understanding your own soul energy can elevate your life and inspire you to live better, and even go after things that you may have living beliefs around and believe is not possible.

Your astrology chart shows your mind and connected your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Since the world is made up of energy and we are all individuals, it’s valuable to understand you and how your universe works.


What Astrology, Numerology, & the Yoga Sciences Can do for You:

  • Gain more self awareness and see you, yourself, your soul, from a new perspective
  • Learn mindfulness and what behaviors and mindsets you may need to shift to live better
  • Understand challenges, life lessons, and issues or patterns in your life and how to evolve beyond them
  • Find your true north and understand how to liberate your past and move you forward
  • Get unstuck, have new motivation and inspiration, and info to empower you and your  dreams
  • Discover your energy and how it relates to health and wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual


Utilize your energy and Soul power to spark your inner light and help you transform and create the kind of life ya desire and love!


Learn how to Tap into Bliss with your own personal Astrology Soul Star Chart

Healing Relationship Patterns & Transforming


Relationships can heal and we all can use relationships to transform ourself and our life.

In a digitally connected world, with too much information and distractions daily, we all can form better ways of relating. Every relationships and person who enters our life can teach us lessons and reflect aspects of ourself. We can choose to grow and evolve or stay where we are and deny our own growth. Traumas and triggers will come up, yet we can develop mindfulness to learn how to process pain and overcome fear to liberate ourselves and love better!

From late 2021 through 2023 we all will be battling the South Node Scorpio and North Node Taurus. This means we are all learning how to up level our self worth and own our values to live in beautiful and harmonious ways. Yet to get to the North Node Taurus, we need to confront the South Node of Scorpio. Scorpio offers us deep transformation and forces us to connect to our deep raw emotions and passions. It’s in feeling into the body, taking a pause, and getting out of the head, that we can dive deep into ourselves and uncover our heart. While society enjoys building walls, dropping bombs, being defensive, and often emotionally lives disconnected, the gem is emotional healing and doing the work to transcend the old to rise in the new. Scorpio transformation can rebirth us, awaken us to rise like the phoenix, through the ashes and darkness, to live in the light and in a more divine and balanced way. Yet, the negative emotions and belief systems and unconscious patterns, including addictions, can draw us down and keep us stuck or in dark portals that don’t serve our highest self. This is the time to take care of ourselves, know our soul, and make the hard changes to live life in better ways.

We need polarity and people to trigger our traumas and internal issues. Awakening is not always easy. Our choice is whether we change, wake up, and overcome generational and toxic patterns, or whether we stay the same. Life will continue to show us ourself and people will reflect things we may not like, yet we all can conquer our shadow and look at what life is trying to teach us. Beyond being obsessed with ourself, and staying stuck in the ego and what’s right for ourself, we can look at the WE and how we are relating with one another.

We are all in this together. We can transmute trauma and help one another through the pain and darkness. It is with compassion, empathy, and a silliness to live beyond the limited mind that we can connect, communicate, and deal with the issues present. Of course, human consciousness is not always evolve to this level of relating. It takes courage to go deep into ourself, overcome insecurity, and to quit projecting and point the finger on ourself. Unless we all work together and develop mindfulness, we will continue to cast hate, judgement, label people, build walls, block, and create separation.

It’s a time to lean into fear, feel into the body and what’s uncomfortable. Get real in yourself and where you fall out of love. Look at your life, habits, and actions, and recognize what may need to be reconciled, especially with another, to clear karma, resolve wounds, and balance situations in a loving way.

We can transform pain consciously and help one another. It is love that allows us to heal, helps us heal, and can open our hearts to love better.

Let’s let the guards down. Unify with one another and overcome the pride, shadow, shame, and more of the past.


Ego seeks self and division. It’s easier to stay stuck in old patterns and not change. It’s comfortable to stay with the same people, be defensive, and point fingers. Yet we heal with and through each other. We all can learn to embody more heart and evolve out of mind to change how we relate and be willing to emotionally connect and be vulnerable and real with one another.

Stay unified <3 Create the High Vibe <3 Love

Freedom in the Fall Season 2021

Ayurveda & Freedom for the Changing Transitions on the Fall Season 2021


Ayurveda & Yoga Sciences Help Us Foster Connection & Awareness

Ayurveda teaches us to flow with nature and become conscious of our connection with it. The yoga sciences teach us that we are part of nature and not separate from it. Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, teaches us about the science of life and helps give us a more conscious understanding about ourselves, our world, and our part in it. By following the natural flow of the universe and becoming conscious in ourselves and of our experiences we can live in a more harmonious and unified manner.

Every season and cycle brings change, opportunity for growth, and it’s up to us to learn to balance our lives to live optimally. Having an understanding of ourselves, our individual role, and opening our minds to possibilities and perspectives can help live better by seeing a bigger picture of reality.

Beyond a post pandemic world, we have a bigger universal story and challenge playing out in the world and within humanity.

Humanity is in a mind fog; no one knows what’s real, few foster internal guidance to discern well, and everyone is looking for an easy outlet or escape to make their world better. Plus there’s projections, screens, and everyones pointing fingers. The dramatic consequences of the pandemic and the cause and effect of it all is still percolating in all of our lives.

The fall season symbolically represents the time to slow down, go within, and get clear on what aspects of yourself and life need to be shed. It’s the season of change and transformation, where we are able to plant seeds and reap rewards and harvest what we have been working towards. 

Like a new school year, the cycle brings new beginnings, which often have to have closer, endings, and tough transitions. As one cycle ends, a new cycle begins. Yet what would life be, without change and the ability to create change?

We live in a world that knows fear; We have been taught how to live, succeed, what works, and how to think. Now, the new world is forcing us all to wake up from the illusion of separation and to learn to embrace change, as we also learn to move thru fear.

We all are going thru our own process of individuation and we all are in a different state of evolution. Yet, we all are challenged to look at our minds, our ego, and to shed the unloving ways the past may have taught us.

We need to let our guards down, get off our high horse, quit thinking we know all, and soften our pride, to live more humble, loving, and kind. Consider what life you would create if you dared to take action and release your liming mindset and attitude..and live HEART OPEN.

The world is a happy and loving and magical place, when we hold the lens to see it that way.

To be free, and live free, it’s up to us all individually to shed worries and hate and to consciously evolve and become human loving beings.  Mindfulness and help us foster unity, more empathy, and more compassion for ourselves and others.

To me, this pandemic was the lightning bolt of a force and catalyst that offered us all the ability to learn to cope and live in healthier ways… and even slow down to stop rushing and escaping and to get present with what is and get back In touch with ourselves, our emotions, and what really matters to us all.

Right now collectively there is chaos; Beyond political narrative and any and all propaganda, we need to look at the bigger picture of what’s going on…to not fight change or stay delusional in thinking we will go back to the way it was. The world is changed and it’s up to us to make it a better place right now and get along to build a sustainable solution.

We have the power to choose & recognize whether we are holding onto models of the past, living in fear, or genuinely taking responsibility for our own health & wellbeing….thinking an external force is going to help is sattire — we all must shift our minds and become mindful of the limiting ways we hold, the self sabotage, and the unkind ways we treat one another.

The hate bombs, loveless actions, control dynamics, fears, reactions, anger, and lies will continue in our world, until we all become the change. I mean, learn to foster emotional maturity and consciousness. In looking at our shadow, the life we created, the kids we raised, the choices we made, our words, and the impact we have one one another, we can see how we have all contributed to this world right now. Yet we all have the potential to change, to stop fighting and revolting and building walls of division and separation. It starts with each of us.

We can unify. Right now this is what we need to survive and thrive. The fall will force us to look at ourselves, make the changes, and hopefully live more open minded. We will probably be forced to evaluate how the past got us to the present and forced to change our ways for the better. Life gets more challenging as we hold resistance, inner walls, fears, and refuse to wake up to what life is trying to teach us. We separate the more he hold hate, refuse to love, release the past, and see people as the role they are playing in your life.

There are infinite possibilities for our future; the secret to our success is in our health and wellbeing. We all can create more love, heal our hearts, take care of our bodies, shift our minds, and live more accepting. We can look at the past and change our ways, and act now to make the future a brighter place. Rather than getting afraid of a virus, we can take a step to strengthen our immunity, eat better and less, exercise, and love our body by taking care of ourselves.

The medicine is within us, it’s that of love. To have self love, self care, awareness, and to discern and know what life is as great as you make it. Every day we can choose, change, and transform and shed the patterns, lifestyles, and stories, that corrupt us, keep us in self sabotage, hurt us, and more. 

This fall, let’s love and unify! Let’s accept peoples different realities, let’s know that everyone lives out of their own mind and condition. Let’s know we can find whatever we seek online. Let’s be mindful of what we are seeing and believing. Let’s accept we all have trauma. Let’s agree our system sucks. Let’s celebrate the injustices; let’s look at the pains of the past. Let’s allow each other the liberty to live free, choose, and be free. 

May we all live open hearted in this new season of 2021 – may we confront our inner battles, heal our childish ways, look at our wounds, rise from being a victim, let go of the past, and be present in ourselves, in our bodies, and with one another.

May we make wellness our priotiry; take care of ourselves, our mind, body, and spirit. May we live healthy, strengthen our immune system, breathe fresh air, get outside into nature, and optimize our wellbeing by enhancing ourselves, our attitudes, and becoming conscious cocreatorrs and people who live and value love.

May we grow together and seek harmony and get rooted in ourselves and what matters most for our health, hearts, and wellbeing.

As Yoga teaches us, everything is created and developed within. The external is a reflection of the internal; until we cope with the loveless ways inside, we will continue to be recreate the past and even be bound from changing our future possibility.

Peace Love & JOY


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What is Mindfulness & Why Become Mindful?

What is Mindfulness?

According to the American Psychological Association mindfulness is: “a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. In this sense, mindfulness is a state and not a trait. While it might be promoted by certain practices or activities, such as meditation, it is not equivalent to or synonymous with them.”

Essentially, mindfulness is the practice of the taming the mind and becoming aware of the thoughts you think and beliefs that shape your reality. By practicing mindfulness and learning to calm the mind and think in new patterns you can begin to shape your life in new ways.

Developing mindfulness helps to create presence. There are many tools and techniques to create more mindfulness and help you become more self aware and present in the now. Meditation, yoga, talk therapy, and more, can help you tune into you and develop your ability to live more conscious, aware, and mentally and emotionally well.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of your moment to moment thoughts and is rooted in Buddhism. By becoming aware of what you’re thinking, the feelings in your body, what triggers you, and your beliefs about yourself, reality, other people, and the present, you can learn to develop mental and emotional wellbeing. Mindfulness can help you make better choices and perceive life and reality from a neutral mind and clear perspective. Without developing mindfulness you can become overly emotional, reactive, defensive, and make poor decisions and more. Creating self awareness and learning more about yourself and how your mind is creating your reality and reactions can help you communicate better, become more confident and secure, and create better health and wellbeing.

There are many ways you can learn how to practice mindfulness and become more mindful. Yoga, meditation, and more are practices that can offer tools to become more mindful and aware. By developing mind and body consciousness you can overcome health issues, stress, and create more mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Thoughts and emotions and desires drive you. You take actions, get reactive, and make choices based on the programming you have. Learning to become conscious of yourself can make life a lot easier, more enjoyable, and better.

Knowing that everything is a reflection of you and what you hold within yourself grants you the power to train your mind in new ways. Becoming aware of your insecurities, how reactive you get, what your suppressed emotions and beliefs are creating, you can begin to change them. Rather than acting our emotional pain of the past, getting triggered by people, and ignoring problems, you can become conscious and live in more mature and mindful ways. This can create positive relationships, better romantic partners, and help your overall health and wellbeing.

You have the power to tame your mind, understand your mind, and improve your overall mindset and manners.

How to Practice Mindfulness

1. Take time to create space for yourself and be along with yourself.

2. Begin to acknowledge your thoughts and perceptions about yourself, others, and reality.

3. Feel your emotions, triggers, and become aware when you’re reactive and emotionally defensive.

4. Take responsibility for your actions and reactions, including the words you speak, the thoughts you think, and the resulting action you take.

5. Identify your habits and perceptions and use journaling to understand yourself and why you’re mentally or emotionally uncentered to understand what your mind and body are telling you and creating.

The goal of mindfulness is to create and develop a neutral mindset to become less reactive. This means overcoming our unconscious attachments to how life and people need to be and give up our control dynamics that believe our mind knows and thinks best. Without becoming conscious of yourself and being able to adopt an open and neutral mindset, you will continue to be triggered and unable to change your life.

Reality and people are always giving you feedback about yourself. If you refuse to change or overcome suppressed emotional pain or change your thinking you can and do greatly limit yourself. The thoughts you think, emotions within your body, and beliefs create your present reality and future. Becoming aware of what you are creating and knowing you have the power to help yourself live better and feel better can motivate you to make the necessary changes needed and wanted.

Mindfulness Benefits: Why Yoga Can Help Your Create Health and Wellbeing

Yoga can teach you how to slow down, be in your body, and connect to yourself. Developing your intuition and learning to breathe and calm down can help you tame the monkey mind. Having more body awareness helps to create mental and emotional wellness. Yoga and movement can help move emotions so you can feel better within yourself and understand your emotions. Yoga with mindfulness can get you out of unconscious patterns and make you more self aware.

Some benefits to practicing mindfulness and yoga:

  • Overcome addictive habits and thoughts
  • Be able to communicate better
  • Get to know yourself in new ways
  • Help yourself destress
  • Improve mood, motivation, and mentality
  • Cultivate more self care and self awareness of your body and mind
  • Release emotional pain, triggers, traumas, and more
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Form better relationships and make better choices by being less reactive and defensive
  • Create peace in yourself and your life

Have More Energy with Ishnaan – Cold Showers

Jump start your day with more energy with Ishnaan & a natural super boost!

Ishnaan is the ancient practice of hydrotherapy that uses cold water for showers to rejuvenate yourself.

The yogis use it in India, and all around the world people use this trick to improve their health and circulation.

Benefits of Ishnaan and cold showers:

  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Strengthens the nervous system, which improves immunity
  • Give you a natural energy jolt & fresh boost
  • Keeps the skin young
  • Helps with fat loss around the midline
  • Helps your organs release toxins easier
  • Stimulates your liver to work better
  • Clears negative energy
  • Helps your body regulate temperature better
  • Improves your immunity
  • Gives you a fresh reset for your day!
  • Relieves muscles & helps with stiff body parts

At the end of your regular shower, take a few seconds to turn the nob to cold and shower. Dance in the cold water and rinse your head quickly.

Then get out and grab a towel and get warm again! You will feel energized and your body will thank you for the refreshing start to your day.

It’s best to do cold showers with your morning shower, however, you can do it anytime of day and whenever you are feeling tired or fatigued. I highly recommend taking a shower after a Hot Yoga Class to help your body cool and calm down and regulate back to normal!


Have you tried a cold shower before? Leave comments below!




Signs Your Body Needs a Spring Detox and Cleanse

The Spring season helps us all transition and plant new seeds and grow new beginnings. Our bodies react the same way! We leave winter behind and with it leave lots of other crap behind too. The birth of a new season awakens within us new changes and transitions too. The body is always changing. We are all constantly evolving and growing. Your old state cannot match your new state. You must discover balance.

As you begin doing Yoga and taking better measures of self care, your body responds and becomes more sensitive. The healthier you treat yourself, the more your body adapts. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. The only constant that happens is change; within us and around us. It is important to take time to love your body and love yourself, especially in the midst of change and new beginnings.

The seasonal transitions bring endings and a new chapter in all our lives. Our hearts yearn, our bodies hold, and our human mind wants to hold onto everything. We are not taught change. Growth is essential for development. It is by changing your habits, switching up your routine, and living in different ways, you can create more opportunity. Doing the same thing daily will surely drive you insane. Holding onto the same people or ways of living may keep you stuck or hold you back from moving forward. Adapting new habits can help you refine your sense of self and live with the cyclical flow of nature. Now is the best time to learn more about your body, how food reacts in your system, and take better initiatives to refine your wellness this year!

The mind expands, life goes on, and our bodies adapt with it. The best time to improve your health and reset your life is the Spring. Nature is on your side to help create change and transition with healthier ways and better habits!

Signs Your Body is Ready for a Detox:

  • You have little to no energy & feel tired
  • Your congested and feeling very ‘off’
  • You have not taken a poop since yesterday or longer
  • You need coffee to feel alert
  • Your skin is breaking out for no reason
  • You have low motivation to get through your day
  • You feel hopeless
  • You desire change, yet can’t figure out how
  • You have food cravings that wont go away
  • New allergies have surfaces you can’t explain
  • You desire a healthier lifestyle

The body is the vehicle that can help you wake up with energy and create new ambitions. Spring cleaning is necessary to help you unload what was and move forward. It is by tweaking and refining our sense of self, where we learn how to feel better and become better.


Let Spring transform you & create healthier habits that can help you sustain a happy life!




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