All About Virgo Astrology Sign & Season

Virgo Season Dates: August 22 – September 21

Things to consider during Virgo Season:

Purify & Cleanse the Heart and Mind – Create the foundation & plant the seeds that matter

Virgo is the Earth Goddess that teaches us to embody sacredness and connect to the wisdom of the Earth. She helps us create routines, order, discipline, to help us fulfill our purpose and mission. She offers us the opportunity to learn to tune into our true radiant nature and go within to embody feminine principles and balance energies. Although, virgo is ruled by Mercury and the head, the wisdom of Virgo, in the highest state, is someone who has shed negative patterns and emotions and lives in the light and a virtuous Godly/Goddess state. Through the Zodiac we can learn how to evolve and how to balance our own energies. Virgo season teaches us to reconnect to ourself, take time for us, self nurture, and allow ourselves to shift head and heart and get practical in how we can live our best life and harvest our needs and desires. It’s a real practice, to be able to wake up to our unconscious and self sabotage and tap into our unique essence, while living with integrity and honoring Christ values like – Love, honesty, kindness, goodness, peace…Thus, virgo season and virgo energy helps us fine tune our physical body and mind so we may live more heart open and purify the head and heart in order to live with more grace, peace, and ease. Tapping into our bliss, creating sacred sexuality and doing the deep emotional work to be in the body, requires strength, trust, patience, and a wanting to merge with our highest selves and take the journey thru the shadows, to live in the light, and thrive. During Virgo Season we are asked to make transitions, honor the shifting cycles, tune into the Earth and rhythms of nature, and understand our journey to remember and be willing to align with our heart and soul and shift our mind and lifestyle so we may harvest and build a fulfilling life.


Virgo Season:

Virgo season happens after Astrological Leo Season, ending the Summer Season, and helping us shift into Fall. It’s a time of change and transition, with virgo energy supporting us to go within, relax, create new structures, and balance ourselves.

During Virgo season the theme is to purify your life and clean up your physical body and environment. It’s a time to shed what no longer works and get real with yourself in how you can cultivate better health and wellbeing. Because Virgo rules the digestion organs, bowels, intestines, it’s a great time to cleanse the body and take better care of you.

  • How can we explore how we can best be of service to ourselves, others, and humanity?
  • How can you make life more meaningful?
  • What new routines can you implement to improve your overall health and wellbeing?
  • What can you do to live in more sustainable and eco friendly forms?
  • How can you treat yourself and your body better?
  • Where am I being too judgmental and close minded and stuck in my own head and beliefs?


The Sign for Virgo:  The Sacred Earth Goddess 

Virgo Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury


Virgo Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

Virgos are often practical and logical people, so during this time consider your foundation and how you’re building your future now with the action you create and choices you make. Virgos can like order and control and be perfectionist and organized. Find your balance by looking at your control and discipline dynamics. Consider where you’re being too much of a perfectionist, too orderly, not having enough have and play, or not attending to your own needs. During Virgo season look at what areas of your life your feel stuck or unhappy in. Make effort to change your routine, set a foundation, and become discipline to be able to create new habits and forms of wellness, including abundance.

  • Virgos are practical, and sometimes too judgmental and set in their ways
  • Virgo energy teaches us how we can be of service to ourselves, others, and humanity
  • Virgo energy highlights the physical body, wellness, health and over all wellbeing
  • Look at where you feel pressured by material objects or the material world – how can you shift to more ease?
  • Where are you too in the head and intellect and negating or holding guards around the heart?


Look at your astrology chart to see where Virgo energy is and how it relates to you!

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