The Astrological Nodes Switch into Aries North Node & Libra South Node July 17, 2023 until Jan 11, 2023.


The new energy and cycles will impact both the individual and the collective. To understand better how it relates and affects you, get an Astrology Start chart done by Kali and learn your energetic cycles and more! Tap into your soul, gifts, mission and other energetic patterns and more than are playing out in your life. Kali also does relationship readings to help ya understand what you’re meant to learn, grow and how to evolve with relationships.


The shift into Aries North Node is challenging us all to become the leader of our life!

With that it takes responsibility to own our life and our choices and to no longer rely on people, systems, gov’t and more, outside of ourself.


All relationships will be challenge, transformed and empowered to deepen and become real and authentic.

Of course how we relate and do relationship is also a reflection of ourselves and how deep and real we are within.


It’s a time to become more mindful and embodied and to know thyself and align with your true values. Consider what your heart deeply wants and what’s true from the heart space. Then be able to take action and communicate and commit to you, your goals, your life and more. Be aware of being too headstrong and thinking you know. Projections and power plays may continue and people will offer feedback about you. Consider whether you get defensive, avoid, deflect or deny issues and whether you can be openminded and communicate in more real authentic forms.

The next 18 months will challenge codependency and there will be an internal battle for freedom and individuality and a need to break past poor relationship patterns. Being real in the self and knowing who you are can help everyone stay anchored in their highest heart light and self.

This time will shed light on shadows around insecurities, being able to support ourself, people pleasing dynamic and all the ways we abandon ourself and who we really are to conform and change our identity to meet a need or get love from another.


Consider themes around radical love and self love.

This marks a journey for us all to deepen and heal wounds, especially around relating and communication. It offers the ability to get real within the heart and become authentic and fully expressed and no longer deny or suppress what needs to be said, spoken about, brought to light or changed to help us all relate and connect and love better.

Stay kind in the process.

We can heal and grow and let love in and transform all relationships and create peace, love and harmony together.

Power plays and control are things of the past. It’s time to become and embody a better way of loving and living!

Let go of the fear of being yourself & lead & shine your authentic and real heart light!