All About Libra Astrology Sign & Season

Libra Season Dates: September 2022 – October 2022

Things to consider during Libra Season:

Balance & Transforming Relationships for Harmony & Beauty

Virgo is the Earth Goddess that teaches us to embody sacredness and connect to the wisdom of the Earth. She helps us create routines, order, discipline, to help us fulfill our purpose and mission. She offers us the opportunity to learn to tune into our true radiant nature and go within to embody feminine principles and balance energies. Although, virgo is ruled by Mercury and the head, the wisdom of Virgo, in the highest state, is someone who has shed negative patterns and emotions and lives in the light and a virtuous Godly/Goddess state. Through the Zodiac we can learn how to evolve and how to balance our own energies. Virgo season teaches us to reconnect to ourself, take time for us, self nurture, and allow ourselves to shift head and heart and get practical in how we can live our best life and harvest our needs and desires. It’s a real practice, to be able to wake up to our unconscious and self sabotage and tap into our unique essence, while living with integrity and honoring Christ values like – Love, honesty, kindness, goodness, peace…Thus, virgo season and virgo energy helps us fine tune our physical body and mind so we may live more heart open and purify the head and heart in order to live with more grace, peace, and ease. Tapping into our bliss, creating sacred sexuality and doing the deep emotional work to be in the body, requires strength, trust, patience, and a wanting to merge with our highest selves and take the journey thru the shadows, to live in the light, and thrive. During Virgo Season we are asked to make transitions, honor the shifting cycles, tune into the Earth and rhythms of nature, and understand our journey to remember and be willing to align with our heart and soul and shift our mind and lifestyle so we may harvest and build a fulfilling life.


Libra Season:

When libra season shows up it’s imperative to look at all relationships, including the relationship we have with ourself. Depending on what else is going on in the astrology, it’s necessary to look at where relationships needs to change to create more harmony. It’s a great energy to make amends in relationships and transform relationships for the better, or have new emotional conversations, clear the air, reconcile or get closure.

Libra energy teaches us to hone our power and energy in ways that effectively help us relate, connect, and achieve. It’s about balancing our own scales and weighing where we are out of balance, perhaps caring too much about others, and forgetting about ourself. With Libra, it begins with the mind balance and taming our mental energy, including our reactions and blocks that keep us from relating and connecting effectively.

Like the scales, Libra deals with karma and karmic balance. Always be mindful how ya treat others and what ya do and say; karma does come back around at sound point.

Look at where Libra falls in your astrology birth chart to understand the energy and how it relates to you more depth!

  • During this time consider your own relationship and are you living in your highest light and in your individuality? 
  • What needs to change to help you get the kind of relationships and life ya desire?
  • Have you developed a positive and loving relationship with yourself and can attract likeminded relationships and people?
  • What mental perceptions and beliefs are limiting you from evolving and expanding?
  • How can you create better relationships and communicate and connect better?


With the new Fall season, it’s a time of creating balance and using the Fall to set the foundation and soil the seeds and intention, while reaping a new harvest.

Libra comes after Virgo season, and that earthly sign teaches us to get back to our roots, be disciplined, and understand our service to life and humanity and the work we came here to do. Hopefully Virgo, helped us create a routine and get organized in ourself and what we want to do with life.

Libra is the air sign that the helps us connect to our ultimate dreams or desires and helps us create the relationship with ourself to be able to connect with the right people and purpose.

Because Libra is ruled by balance, connection, and relating, it’s necessary to explore our feminine and masculine energies and look at how we may need to transform to get back on track with our life and higher purpose.

All of life is relationship and the individual relationship you have with it.

Libra energy can help us understand how to balance ourself, our own wellbeing, and lifestyle and shift what’s needed to then create better outer relationships.

Use libra season to get back in touch with you and the people who matter!

Perhaps reflect on relationships and people you’ve outgrown or people you’ve lost touch with. Always look at yourself and what you can do to create balance, love, and harmony in all relationships, including those you may not enjoy.


The Sign for Libra :  The Scales [weighing the balance]

Libra Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Libra & Health & Wellness

Libra rules the kidneys, which is also known to be the area we store unconscious fear. Libra also teaches us to overcome fear, especially relating to communication and how we connect with people. Libra helps us confront our patterns of loneliness and where we rely too much on others or fall into codependent patterns. It can also be about unlocking our shadow side of being too selfish and not open, loving or reciprocal in relating.


Libra Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

Libras are known to be very loyal and high minded with high values. They like helping others. Libras solve problems, negotiate, and communicate in effective ways and use their mindset to be proactive, lead, and help the people. They are people persons, and often can build and create relationships well. They have communication skills and can be charismatic and leaders, especially in the field of relating with others. Libra can help us see with new perspectives. Libra energy can help us foster a better way of relating and connecting.

  • Libras often strive to create peace, compromise, and are great negotiators or mediators.
  • Libra is known for being neutral minded and able to see all sides.
  • Libras love justice and bring justice by balancing the scales and weighing all options.
  • Must be mindful of giving too much, caring more about others, and one sided relationships
  • Libras can be people pleasers and not be able to stand in their identity and truth (a lesson)


Look at your astrology chart to see where Libra energy is and how it relates to you!

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