All About Cancer Astrology Sign & Season

Cancer Season Dates: June 21 – July 22


Things to consider during Cancer Season:

Surrender to the flow of life and your emotions and desires. The midpoint of the year offers a time to reset and find renewal. Focus on your foundation and your self care and be willing to make changes to help the future you and what you want to create in your life. Avoid escapism and spend more time with you and your body. Allow pain, traumas, triggers, and stubborn mindsets to go. Consider the relationship you have with you, how to improve, and how to help other relationships thrive by going deep, being vulnerable, communicating, and most of all loving you and those that matter.

Cancer Season:

  • How can you honor yourself and your emotions and emotional needs?
  • Where can you integrate feminine energy and become emotionally open and vulnerable?
  • What hard shells and walls can you begin to confront and knock down to live less crabby, insecure, and negative?
  • Where can you do more self love, self care, and body care?
  • How can you create a strong foundation and align with the kind of family and future you want to create?
  • Release old beliefs and identities, especially tied to your family and let emotions flow and go.


The Sign for Cancer:  The Crab

Cancer Element: Water

Ruling Planet: The Moon


Cancer Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

Cancers must learn how to come out of their shell and be seen in their own unique light. Connecting to their emotions and sensitivities can help them release their walls, fears, and guards – and be less crabby or resistant. Though, they could be stubborn and pending their astrology chart, softening into their feminine energy and healing the over controlling masculine could be challenging.

  • Cancers can be sensitive souls, and they can also be reactive and overly insecure and not connected to their intuition and sensitivities
  • Cancers are very connected to family and roots – it’s the sign to explore your true roots & ancestral lineage
  • Cancers must learn to connect to their sensitivities and balance masculine and feminine energies