Get an Astrology Soul Star Chart Done By Kali & Learn Why:


Kali’s star charts offer an opportunity to help you decode your soul story and understand your karmic influences, so that you can create the best life for yourself! Learn more about astrology star charts and understand you and your soul on deeper layers.


How Kali Got Involved with Astrology – A note from Kali:

Astrology found me at my first job out of college and followed me, especially when I was working in the Yoga Scene full time. It sparked an interest, I began exploring it, had astrology readings, and was blown away from the start. I began to study and learn more about astrology. When I did Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I learned a lot more about the yoga sciences and how astrology and numerology connect us to nature, life, and the human body. I knew that this information was powerful and very useful and wanted to do something with the knowledge I’d gained. Thus, I was inspired to create a “Yoga Star Chart” back in 2016. Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about astrology, got certified in psychology and numerology, and continue to explore philosophies and more. I began doing readings and sharing what I know with others. After getting positive feedback from astrology readings, I know this information is useful for everyone. I’ve evolved my astrology star charts and now call them “Astrology Soul Start Charts” and provide a PDF and digital recording about the chart  and person/ soul that I’m doing the reading for.

If it wasn’t for astrology, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. Because of astrology and the yogic sciences I was able to understand certain things I had to go thru in life and why, which helped me get thru some of the toughest challenges and times of my life. I was informed of my tough cycle and was told it wouldn’t be easy, and if I hadn’t had that awareness, I may not have survived the experience. Thru my own journey, astrology and numerology has helped ground me, explain why things happen, and help me refine my choices. I shifted my perspective from thinking life was about working up the career ladder, getting married, and having kids, and decided to pursue my passions and dreams in a bigger way. I listened to the data astrology and numerology provided and aligned with my personal cycles, trusting the process, and knowing my own evolution was happening. That healing cycle was rough, taught me a lot, and allowed me to gain more strength and wisdom than most people know.

I recommend getting an Astrology reading, to have your own experience, understand your soul, and have new awareness about YOU and how to navigate life! Kali’s reading are unique and one of a kind and she uses all she’s learned about the mind, consciousness, yoga, and more, to tell the story of you, who you are, what you came here to do, lessons, challenges, and give you insight into your own personal cycles and energy.


Why Astrology?!?

Astrology helps us grow and evolve and gives us a roadmap on how to do it. It also lets us understand people and how to communicate more effectively. We are all unique and born with different talents and karma. Using astrology, you can begin to understand why things happen, what you individually need to go thru, your karma, and it can help offer tools and new perspectives that can radically transform your life.

Like Yoga teaches us, we are not separate from nature or one another. Astrology helps us shift our psyche and understand our unconscious and limitations so that we can wake up within ourselves and our shadow, and make positive changes and better choices.


How an Astrology Chart Reading Can Help You

Developing self awareness and understanding your own soul energy can elevate your life and inspire you to live better, and even go after things that you may have living beliefs around and believe is not possible.

Your astrology chart shows your mind and connected your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Since the world is made up of energy and we are all individuals, it’s valuable to understand you and how your universe works.


What Astrology, Numerology, & the Yoga Sciences Can do for You:

  • Gain more self awareness and see you, yourself, your soul, from a new perspective
  • Learn mindfulness and what behaviors and mindsets you may need to shift to live better
  • Understand challenges, life lessons, and issues or patterns in your life and how to evolve beyond them
  • Find your true north and understand how to liberate your past and move you forward
  • Get unstuck, have new motivation and inspiration, and info to empower you and your  dreams
  • Discover your energy and how it relates to health and wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual


Utilize your energy and Soul power to spark your inner light and help you transform and create the kind of life ya desire and love!


Learn how to Tap into Bliss with your own personal Astrology Soul Star Chart