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Improve digestion and learn how yoga + mindfulness can help you thrive:

    Look Good & Feel Good, with Self Love & Self Care.

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    Kali can help you:

    • Have more energy
    • Make weightless easy & enjoyable
    • Create mindful practices
    • Break free from emotional blocks
    • Change restrictive thought patterns
    • Develop more optimism and Joy
    • Feel radiant in who you are

    Make mindful living easy, fun, and enjoyable.

    Say YES to YOU – Create a Loving Relationship with You!

    Diet goes beyond what we eat and how much we exercise. The body needs to function optimally, and we must ensure we are digesting well, eliminating daily, and coping with life’s daily stresses. Kali can teach you easy tricks and tools to have more energy, feel empowered, and live well daily.

    Feeling stuck, and wanting more fulfillment in life and within relationships? Let Kali help you upgrade your lifestyle, and develop more happiness, self love, and joy.

    Create balance, beauty and bliss.

    Look Good, & Feel Fabulous.


    Rehab Your Health, Restore Your Happiness.

    You will learn:

    • Education about food, the body, and digestion
    • How to release emotional stress and anxiety
    • Create more fulfilling relationships
    • Exercises to have more energy
    • The power of positivity
    • Tips to move stuck emotions
    • Why meditation can solve your problems
    • How to feel safe in who you are


    Learn to let go of baggage, self sabotaging mindsets, and become happier, and more peaceful, within yourself.

    Live Happy, Joyous, & Well.

    Kali’s Story:

    Kali’s whole life she had terrible digestion and many health problems. She tried everything to help her digestion, and feel good. She even tried allergy testing, which helped temporarily, but caused her to gain a lot of weight and have more problems in other areas, which made her sicker overall.

    Kali’s life changed forever when I began experimenting with different diets and self healing modalities, and found yoga. Kali took her health into my own hands and modified her eating habits and began doing regular cleanses to eliminate toxins from her body. By improving how she treated herself, and taking better care of her body, she radically changed everything. Her mood improved, and she became more focused, driven, and happy.

    Now she’s inspired to motivate others to take charge of their health naturally. Kali is passionate about teaching what she’s learned, and blending yoga sciences, ayurveda, and mindful techniques, to help people feel great!

    She is passionate  about helping others improve their digestion and empowering people to live happier within themselves. She loves motivating others, and helping people create more self love, and self care.

    Have more energy, and feel sexier, by taking care of you.

    Life is challenging when we feel stuck, bloated, and cannot digest anything. With easy changes, and reforming some mental and emotional habits, we can release emotions, trauma of the past, toxins, and allow our body and gut to function better.  Let Kali teach you how to foster healthy habits, and educate you about wellbeing.

    Why Kali?

    Kali has years of experience teaching yoga, coaching, and facilitiaing at CorePower Yoga. She led their San Diego Wellness Cleanse and supported many people in creating positive new approaches to health and wellness. Kali has completed an Ayurvedic home study course from Kripalu, Yoga center. She is trained in associated psychology, and coaches people regularly by integrating yoga philosophy and mindful practices. Kali has discovered simple tools and many tricks, that can help people love their body, and create more radiance, so they can look good, and feel fabulous.

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    Make Yoga and mindfulness your new medicine, and let Kali teach you how to feel fabulous!

    Create more happiness, health, & fulfillment in your life!!