All About Leo Astrology Sign & Season

Leo Season Dates: July 22- August 23

Things to consider during Leo Season:

Balance Heart and Mind – Learn to Live Empowered in Your Soul Expression!

Heal old patterns and suppressed pain or emotions. Let yourself open up during Leo Season! Have the courage to roar, be fully expressed, emotionally healthy and mentally well. Improve communication and relationships by being YOU and creating that inner self love and authenticity. Leave fear, and embody more love so you can be center stage of your own life and own your power, with self empowerment.


Leo Season:

  • Where can you take responsibility for your life and take action for your future?
  • How can you shine your light, with your authentic expression?
  • What mental and emotional blocks are keeping you insecure, guarded, and closed off?
  • How can I take better care of myself and create a positive relationship inside with self love and self care?
  • Where can I open my heart, express myself, and create real connections and love?


The Sign for Leo:  The Lion

Leo Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Sun


Leo Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

Leos like to be the star of their own life and show. Their authentic state is often charismatic, fun, playful, and extroverted. They are often good communicators and have no problem expressing themselves. The shadow of Leo is being to pompous, prideful, and self centered. Leos can be too into themself, overly critical or condoning of others, or on the other side, disconnected from their own light and authenticity.

  • Leos love to take center stage, be in the spotlight, and have attention
  • Born leaders, with charm, self confidence, and creativity
  • They learn to conquer fearlessness by owning their self expression and taking charge
  • Like to do things their own way and can create change with their unique gifts


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