All About Gemini Astrology Sign & Season

Gemini Dates: May 20- June 21


Things to consider during Gemini Season:

During Gemini season we may want to socialize more, connect with people and enjoy the playful energy of Gemini. Watch out for lack of focus and needing stimulus, and take extra time to ground down and quit the busyness and neurosis of the mind.

Gemini’s can come off as the child in the zodiac, and may need extra support developing maturity in their mind, emotions, and themselves. They can live carefree, stress free, escape, and live like childlike wonder and curiosity. They can engage in too much fun, party, gossip, and need to be social which can get them into trouble. Being alone maybe challenging. Geminis are like butterflies, learning how to spread and grow their own wings, and really find their own unique truth. This is the season to live with childlike wonder, be open to new perspectives and people, and delight in the joy of your own being.

Since Gemini rules the mind, be careful of being too impulsive or reactive. Know your own needs and be willing to communicate and express yourself in healthy ways. Be mindful and careful of getting too caught up in your own mind, or projection of reality and unnecessary drama. 

So have fun during Gemini season, stay playful and in the heart, and be mindful of any negative reactions or mind games. It’s a season to allow for change and dance with the unknown and work on expressing yourself and staying true to you – mind, body, heart, and soul. Find a new rhythm, and flow with the universe in where it’s trying to lead you and what it’s trying to teach ya.

Tips for Gemini Season:

  • Breathing into body and to calm mind
  • Watch our for nervousness or anxiety – pay attention to over stimulation, too much caffeine and other factors that can affect health or sleep issues
  • Clean up your environment and get rid of the junk or excess 
  • Practice the pause – become nonreactive or defensive
  • Look at your own limitations in the mind and what can now shift to allow you to view life and others in a new, more loving, lens 
  • Avoid getting caught in the mind and thinking you know best

The Sign for Gemini :  The Twins (duality)

Gemini Element: Air

Ruling Planet:  Mercury


Gemini Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

Gemini’s can be very charming, witty, and know how to be cunning and get their way with people. They are like jokers, sometimes not able to be taken serious, and can be sarcastic and deceitful. They are often open minded, curious, and may have an over reactive mind and need stimulation. They may need to learn how to balance their mind and find neutral, and connect head with heart. Getting out of the intellect could be challenging and their own need be right or their excessive mental energy. Of course, how the archetype of Gemini shows up, depends largely on the whole astrology chart and what is integrated. People matter for Geminis and connecting and socializing are important.