All About Taurus Astrology Sign & Season


Pisces Dates: April 21 – May 20

Things to consider during Taurus Season:

Taurus is an Earth Element, and coming out of the fire of Aries season, it’s important to ground down and get back in touch with yourself and inner sanctuary. Taurus is all about the physical body and taking care of yourself. It’s our inner chaos that creates conflicts, yet we all can do a better job of managing our emotions and energy to live more balanced.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and the astrological archetype helps us nurture ourself and create prosperity with grace and ease. Taurus loves the good things of life! They may indulge in luxury, enjoy music, art, and other forms of beauty and pleasure. It’s a time to rebalance ourselves and tap into the inner richness and fullness so we can live fulfilling lives. To surrender, and quit forcing and embody more feminine virtues to allow peace and ease and resolve conflicts in friendly and fine ways. 

Beauty & love is the keyword with Taurus and rooting into our true self and soul. That must be cultivated within the self – mind, body, soul

We can use the will power, fire, and passion of Aries to reset ourself and our lives to build a steady foundation and tend to the garden of our soul and self. Less doing, more being, allows us to receive easily and connect to flow, especially with change. Now is the time to bloom and tend to our desires and dreams and release the fear of moving forward. 

It’s a time to clean up our life, relationships, physical reality & body, and get clear in what’s going to work moving forward. With the energy of Spring, clear out the old and purify your life to live more aligned with your own values. 

Venus, Tauru’s ruler, is all about love and connection. Taurus helps us balance all aspects of self and life. We can tap into the wisdom of our body, get congruent with our mind and heart, and create inner security. Remember, the relationship to ourself is the most important factor to how our relationships are in our life. Doing more body love and self care at this time can bring more peace and ease, especially emotional healing if needed and also expression.

Know true wealth and fulfillment come from inner alignment of heart and soul. Beyond material gain and money, there is prosperity in learning to balance your energy, give, receive, and optimize our mindset to live in more loving and worthy ways. 

Taurus is the bull of the zodiac – they have inner strength, often developed through life and strong determination to get their way. 

Taurus often deals with self worth issues and self esteem. We can be too heady, controlling, insecure, impatient, and bull our way forward and ahead. We can ruin relationships when we have internal steam and conflicts in the mind or body. Out of balance Taurus can be too stubborn and insecure. They can have a hard time letting go and hold onto resentment and jealousy or hold rage and have a strong need to be right. They can also have a hard time forgiving.

It’s important to develop internal security, work through emotional wounds and be able to consciously communicate and connect in loving ways. The throat is often aligned with Taurus, and learning to speak and connect in harmonious ways maybe a challenge.


Taurus Season:

  • Commit to yourself, self love, and stay true to you! Stay determined!
  • What new foundation are you creating and how can you create routine for it?
  • What stubborn mindsets and beliefs are you holding?
  • Where are you NOT staying true to your and your heart?
  • What emotional and inner wounds are keeping you secure, walled, or guarded?
  • How can I better embody my values?
  • Where can I create more harmony and balance in life and relationships?


The Sign for Taurus:  Two fish swimming in opposite directions (sometimes like yin/yang symbol)

Taurus Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus


Taurus Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

  • Stubborn, need to be right
  • Grounded, determined, and practical when in balance
  • Lover of pleasure and beauty
  • Out of balance – too headstrong and in the mind (over heart) and not emotionally open
  • Can live stuck in the past, mindsets, or emotions / wounds
  • Taurus has self esteem, ability to act, and create from their drive and passion