Relationships can heal and we all can use relationships to transform ourself and our life.

In a digitally connected world, with too much information and distractions daily, we all can form better ways of relating. Every relationships and person who enters our life can teach us lessons and reflect aspects of ourself. We can choose to grow and evolve or stay where we are and deny our own growth. Traumas and triggers will come up, yet we can develop mindfulness to learn how to process pain and overcome fear to liberate ourselves and love better!

From late 2021 through 2023 we all will be battling the South Node Scorpio and North Node Taurus. This means we are all learning how to up level our self worth and own our values to live in beautiful and harmonious ways. Yet to get to the North Node Taurus, we need to confront the South Node of Scorpio. Scorpio offers us deep transformation and forces us to connect to our deep raw emotions and passions. It’s in feeling into the body, taking a pause, and getting out of the head, that we can dive deep into ourselves and uncover our heart. While society enjoys building walls, dropping bombs, being defensive, and often emotionally lives disconnected, the gem is emotional healing and doing the work to transcend the old to rise in the new. Scorpio transformation can rebirth us, awaken us to rise like the phoenix, through the ashes and darkness, to live in the light and in a more divine and balanced way. Yet, the negative emotions and belief systems and unconscious patterns, including addictions, can draw us down and keep us stuck or in dark portals that don’t serve our highest self. This is the time to take care of ourselves, know our soul, and make the hard changes to live life in better ways.

We need polarity and people to trigger our traumas and internal issues. Awakening is not always easy. Our choice is whether we change, wake up, and overcome generational and toxic patterns, or whether we stay the same. Life will continue to show us ourself and people will reflect things we may not like, yet we all can conquer our shadow and look at what life is trying to teach us. Beyond being obsessed with ourself, and staying stuck in the ego and what’s right for ourself, we can look at the WE and how we are relating with one another.

We are all in this together. We can transmute trauma and help one another through the pain and darkness. It is with compassion, empathy, and a silliness to live beyond the limited mind that we can connect, communicate, and deal with the issues present. Of course, human consciousness is not always evolve to this level of relating. It takes courage to go deep into ourself, overcome insecurity, and to quit projecting and point the finger on ourself. Unless we all work together and develop mindfulness, we will continue to cast hate, judgement, label people, build walls, block, and create separation.

It’s a time to lean into fear, feel into the body and what’s uncomfortable. Get real in yourself and where you fall out of love. Look at your life, habits, and actions, and recognize what may need to be reconciled, especially with another, to clear karma, resolve wounds, and balance situations in a loving way.

We can transform pain consciously and help one another. It is love that allows us to heal, helps us heal, and can open our hearts to love better.

Let’s let the guards down. Unify with one another and overcome the pride, shadow, shame, and more of the past.


Ego seeks self and division. It’s easier to stay stuck in old patterns and not change. It’s comfortable to stay with the same people, be defensive, and point fingers. Yet we heal with and through each other. We all can learn to embody more heart and evolve out of mind to change how we relate and be willing to emotionally connect and be vulnerable and real with one another.

Stay unified <3 Create the High Vibe <3 Love