Ayurveda & Freedom for the Changing Transitions on the Fall Season 2021


Ayurveda & Yoga Sciences Help Us Foster Connection & Awareness

Ayurveda teaches us to flow with nature and become conscious of our connection with it. The yoga sciences teach us that we are part of nature and not separate from it. Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, teaches us about the science of life and helps give us a more conscious understanding about ourselves, our world, and our part in it. By following the natural flow of the universe and becoming conscious in ourselves and of our experiences we can live in a more harmonious and unified manner.

Every season and cycle brings change, opportunity for growth, and it’s up to us to learn to balance our lives to live optimally. Having an understanding of ourselves, our individual role, and opening our minds to possibilities and perspectives can help live better by seeing a bigger picture of reality.

Beyond a post pandemic world, we have a bigger universal story and challenge playing out in the world and within humanity.

Humanity is in a mind fog; no one knows what’s real, few foster internal guidance to discern well, and everyone is looking for an easy outlet or escape to make their world better. Plus there’s projections, screens, and everyones pointing fingers. The dramatic consequences of the pandemic and the cause and effect of it all is still percolating in all of our lives.

The fall season symbolically represents the time to slow down, go within, and get clear on what aspects of yourself and life need to be shed. It’s the season of change and transformation, where we are able to plant seeds and reap rewards and harvest what we have been working towards. 

Like a new school year, the cycle brings new beginnings, which often have to have closer, endings, and tough transitions. As one cycle ends, a new cycle begins. Yet what would life be, without change and the ability to create change?

We live in a world that knows fear; We have been taught how to live, succeed, what works, and how to think. Now, the new world is forcing us all to wake up from the illusion of separation and to learn to embrace change, as we also learn to move thru fear.

We all are going thru our own process of individuation and we all are in a different state of evolution. Yet, we all are challenged to look at our minds, our ego, and to shed the unloving ways the past may have taught us.

We need to let our guards down, get off our high horse, quit thinking we know all, and soften our pride, to live more humble, loving, and kind. Consider what life you would create if you dared to take action and release your liming mindset and attitude..and live HEART OPEN.

The world is a happy and loving and magical place, when we hold the lens to see it that way.

To be free, and live free, it’s up to us all individually to shed worries and hate and to consciously evolve and become human loving beings.  Mindfulness and help us foster unity, more empathy, and more compassion for ourselves and others.

To me, this pandemic was the lightning bolt of a force and catalyst that offered us all the ability to learn to cope and live in healthier ways… and even slow down to stop rushing and escaping and to get present with what is and get back In touch with ourselves, our emotions, and what really matters to us all.

Right now collectively there is chaos; Beyond political narrative and any and all propaganda, we need to look at the bigger picture of what’s going on…to not fight change or stay delusional in thinking we will go back to the way it was. The world is changed and it’s up to us to make it a better place right now and get along to build a sustainable solution.

We have the power to choose & recognize whether we are holding onto models of the past, living in fear, or genuinely taking responsibility for our own health & wellbeing….thinking an external force is going to help is sattire — we all must shift our minds and become mindful of the limiting ways we hold, the self sabotage, and the unkind ways we treat one another.

The hate bombs, loveless actions, control dynamics, fears, reactions, anger, and lies will continue in our world, until we all become the change. I mean, learn to foster emotional maturity and consciousness. In looking at our shadow, the life we created, the kids we raised, the choices we made, our words, and the impact we have one one another, we can see how we have all contributed to this world right now. Yet we all have the potential to change, to stop fighting and revolting and building walls of division and separation. It starts with each of us.

We can unify. Right now this is what we need to survive and thrive. The fall will force us to look at ourselves, make the changes, and hopefully live more open minded. We will probably be forced to evaluate how the past got us to the present and forced to change our ways for the better. Life gets more challenging as we hold resistance, inner walls, fears, and refuse to wake up to what life is trying to teach us. We separate the more he hold hate, refuse to love, release the past, and see people as the role they are playing in your life.

There are infinite possibilities for our future; the secret to our success is in our health and wellbeing. We all can create more love, heal our hearts, take care of our bodies, shift our minds, and live more accepting. We can look at the past and change our ways, and act now to make the future a brighter place. Rather than getting afraid of a virus, we can take a step to strengthen our immunity, eat better and less, exercise, and love our body by taking care of ourselves.

The medicine is within us, it’s that of love. To have self love, self care, awareness, and to discern and know what life is as great as you make it. Every day we can choose, change, and transform and shed the patterns, lifestyles, and stories, that corrupt us, keep us in self sabotage, hurt us, and more. 

This fall, let’s love and unify! Let’s accept peoples different realities, let’s know that everyone lives out of their own mind and condition. Let’s know we can find whatever we seek online. Let’s be mindful of what we are seeing and believing. Let’s accept we all have trauma. Let’s agree our system sucks. Let’s celebrate the injustices; let’s look at the pains of the past. Let’s allow each other the liberty to live free, choose, and be free. 

May we all live open hearted in this new season of 2021 – may we confront our inner battles, heal our childish ways, look at our wounds, rise from being a victim, let go of the past, and be present in ourselves, in our bodies, and with one another.

May we make wellness our priotiry; take care of ourselves, our mind, body, and spirit. May we live healthy, strengthen our immune system, breathe fresh air, get outside into nature, and optimize our wellbeing by enhancing ourselves, our attitudes, and becoming conscious cocreatorrs and people who live and value love.

May we grow together and seek harmony and get rooted in ourselves and what matters most for our health, hearts, and wellbeing.

As Yoga teaches us, everything is created and developed within. The external is a reflection of the internal; until we cope with the loveless ways inside, we will continue to be recreate the past and even be bound from changing our future possibility.

Peace Love & JOY


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