How to Strengthen Your Immune System – Tips for Health During the Fall & Winter Seasons


  1. Hydrate & choose more water – dehydration leads to a lot of different health problems; kidney function, digestion, heart issues, headaches, hangovers,  and more. Most Americans do no get enough h20, plus we are use to loading up on alcohol, sodas, milks, and other beverages. You can check your urine and make sure it’s more of a clear color to know whether you’re hydrated and how your liver and organs are functioning.
  1. Release Stress – Shut down the screens and mind and TV and take a timeout. Stress and adrenaline causes us to eat more, be alert, drink more caffeine and stay in fight or flight. Everyone needs an outlet to help them get back in touch with themselves. I choose yoga and walking outside. In such a connected society, we all need some TLC to relax and remember what that feels like.
  1. Get outside into Nature – Take a vitamin D supplement to help bones, teeth, cardiovascular health, and more. Get your energy levels checked too, many people are deficient which leads to health issues later as you age. It’s been proven to support the prevention of COVID too. It can help those that don’t get natural sunshine and stay indoors more often too.
  1. Load up on Vitamins & Vitamin C – Emergency – look into other supporting multivitamin to take daily. Consider getting them checked. Look into Vitamin B, zinc, vitamin A, and other nutrients.
  1. Sleep – Rest and relax – take care of body and mind. Make yourself a priority. The more you commit to loving yourself and taking care, the more the universe rewards you, as you act from love, and allow the body to heal.
  1. Diet – less sugars, caffeine, alcohol. More plant based leafy greens and vegetables. Eating less, nursing yourself with healthy foods, integrating teas, and ensuring your body is digesting and pooping and not getting heavy or clogged.
  1. Breathing/ Pranayama- has been proven to reduce inflammation, help digestion, strengthen immune system, and decrease stress. Yoga and mindfulness is beneficial for physical and mental health. Breathing can regulate the nervous system, help us stay calm, better manage what we eat, and help us cultivate mindfulness in everything we do. The breath fuels the body, gives it natural energy, helps things move thru, manages emotions, and more.
  1. Health Hygiene – wash hands, shower daily, do laundry & clean your sheets weekly, pamper yourself with body love, and self care…cover mouth when ya sneeze… basic human things that these days a lot of people forgot, never learned, or simply don’t care care about…



The bottom line: take care of yourself, especially during the Fall and Winter!!

Strengthen your immune system with more self love, self care, hydration, and mindful habits!