All About Sagittarius Sign & Season


Sagittarius Dates: November 22- December 21

The last zodiac sign – the cycle of endings and clarity in how we can believe better, make shifts in our psyche, to transform our reality and aim towards our dreams. Hopes, dreams, and wishes are highlighted during Sagittarius Season!

The Sagittarius season is the best time to set intentions for the new year and begin to take actions towards what you desire. This includes personal changes to transform your life. Sagittarius helps us create our dreams, aim, and commit to our goals and aim well, with intention. This require unifying mind and heart and being realistic and open hearted and minded to create with ease, joy, and discernment.

The years end, which Sagittarius season falls, forces us to let go and learn to become better. Sagittarius helps us shift the psyche, to come out of our own limitations, often in our own belief systems and mind, so we can live more empowered, optimistic, and joyful. Since Sag season is after Scorpio – deep emotional muck, wounds, and heavy water energy… coming out of that, into Sagittarius can feel like a breathe of fresh air, with more lightness. In releasing our own negative emotions, toxic patterns, and limitations, we can free our energy to live in more sincere, hopeful, and joyful ways.

Things to consider during Sagittarius Season:

  • How are you channeling your inner fire and passion?
  • How you can find better balance with your emotional health, calm fire or anger, and get out of your own mind?
  • Where are you taking action to create your will and intention in your life?
  • What are your deep desires, dreams, and goals?
  • What limiting beliefs are holding you back from creating a life you love and having happiness and optimism in yourself?
  • Where are you staying stuck in your mind/Ego and not living open minded and hearted? (This includes stuck emotions/beliefs)


The Sign for Sagittarius: ┬áThe Archer – Bow + Arrow

Sagittarius Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter


Find balance during Sagittarius Season by grounding your energy, taming your inner fire, and pursuing your hopes, dreams, and passions with mindfulness, love, and joy


Sagittarius Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

  • Social, playful, fun
  • Freedom Seeking – Enjoys Travels & Escapes & Adventures
  • Likes stimulation & knowledge
  • Seeks the meaning of life
  • Emotionally may not be available
  • Maybe untrustworthy and unreliable – can’t commit or plan well
  • Challenge: is to overcome belief systems and know what’s real and true
  • Their want to be liked can make them spiteful and defensive, in their skewed perception of reality