Astrology 2022 – 2023 North Node in Taurus & South Node Scorpio

The pressure is on us all to transform and create a better reality by looking at our past, healing our wounds, and creating a better way of relating. We all are needing to look at our own insecurities and how we put our security in sources outside of ourselves. We will need to create more sustainable ways of living and thinking. Human greed and our unconscious ways of behaving and relating in relation to money may create more problems if we all can’t create integrity and live with higher mindsets and values.


The astrology sign of Scorpio teaches us to create depth and feel and heal our inner traumas, emotional needs, and wounds. To do that, we must become conscious and live in our body and recognize our traumas and triggers. To diffuse our insecurities and mental reactions requires us to look at ourselves and be willing to explore our shadow. We can rise like the Phoenix as we confront ourselves, grow, and evolve beyond our conditions and pains of the past. Scorpio teaches us to find our depth and become congruent to our deep desires and needs, while transforming lower energies to live in a higher state.

Scorpio is a water sign and rules our hips, reproductive organs, and sex. It also rules karma, death, transformation, and darker aspects of humanity like jealousy, betrayal, abandonment, and more. Scorpio energy can be intuitive and deep, yet on the flip shadow side, it can be deceptive, manipulative, and insecure. We must put an end to the dark and destructive ways we live and treat one another and ourself. We must learn to cultivate our passion and use our sexual energy in healthy forms. To look at our demonic ways and energy, and transform negativity and more, in order to cultivate a more sustainable and loving human form.

The astrology sign of Taurus teaches us how to align with our core values and live them. It’s important we look at what really matters and transcend limitations and ego to cultivate a healthy sense of self and know our worth. Yet, that’s all created by doing the inner work, healing the emotions that maybe suppressed, and actually creating a healthy relationship with ourself.

Taurus rules the physical body and throat. The archetype helps us be in the body, connect with our mind, body, soul, and allows us to thrive thru artistry and self mastery. We must be able to become expressive, and use the sanctuary of the body to nurture the soul. This requires us to release our stubborn mindsets and beliefs and become open minded and hearted. To release the guards and walls around the heart means healing the underlying issues and developing a healthy sense of feminine flow.


During this time, we are challenged with values and money and security. We will have issues and challenges if we don’t do the inner work to create security for ourselves and look beyond the need of money to sustain ourselves. To quit thinking a person or government will save us, we must in fact save ourselves. We do this by knowing who we are, rising in our individuality, and having a real sense of purpose. ¬†We must rise from our animalistic ways of being and adopt better patterns and ways of relating and being.


We must understand how to transcend karma and consciously understand our individual and collective karma. We must be willing to work thru our pain and problems and have a real way to heal, including the physical body.

Because we have a sh*tty health system in America and don’t have holistic ways of sustaining ourselves, we are all challenged. Yet, if we look at health and wellness from a more natural perspective and begin to truly value our health and wellbeing, we all can make positive changes. We can all begin to eat better, choose real food from the Earth, eat less, breathe more, and form a real connection with our mind and body. We can all live better by understanding ourselves, valuing our health and body, and treating ourself and one another kinder and better.


In a post pandemic world, where humans think things will go back to normal, there is all sorts of deception and illusions. The screens and TV won’t solve our problems or give us an accurate picture of what’s happening on a higher level. We need to heal our heads and open our hearts… only then can we begin the much needed transformation that our society needs.

We can learn to build a sustainable economy and adopt sustainable ways of living. Yet, we all must look at life and hold true to values and begin to live them every day.

Astrology, yoga sciences, and more can help us all understand where we are as a collective. Our world and the people need help. We must be willing to change in order to create a better future. Yet, our psyche and conscious must adopt. Beyond pills, drugs, escaping, or even plant medicines and journeys, we all must shift the mind and destroy the self destructing elements keeping us from living kind hearted and open minded.

We need each other to transform and look at ourselves, our triggers, wounds, and limited ways of thinking and being. We can help one another work thru pain and recognize with compassion, no one has the same journey, and there is beauty in our own individual story and life experience.

The battle of head and heart will continue unless we become conscious, kind hearted individuals. This means doing what’s right, acting out of integrity, and developing the god/goddess power within ourselves to align with human virtues of love, honesty, temperance, and courage. To live in the light, we must explore the dark. We must integrate our psyche and the issues and pains of the past that have shaped humanity. Within us all we carry the karma of the past, generational trauma, and more. It’s up to us to be a force for good, change our ways, and humbly bow, to create and cultivate a more righteous way of living.


We do this with Taurus, the Earth sign, and Goddess that rules the balance of the body and harvest of the Earth. We must create sustainable measures to improve our ecosystem — preserve nature and the land AND the health and wellbeing of the human species.

The sex, drugs, and rock and roll era was probably a blast. Now it’s a time to sober ourselves from the poor habits we have adopted and believe in a better world; one where we can have fun, freedom, love, and enjoy our human experience here on Earth. Money isn’t going to buy us love… yet, we can create it within and with one another…and believe in the power of Love.



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