All About Aries Astrology Sign & Season

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19

It’s Aries Season! Time to light up your life and spark your inner passion to fuel you forward. 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Aries season marks the new astrological year. Spring is the new season that propels us forward and sets the foundation for the future. We can choose what new seeds we plant and what we want to grow and what really matters for us now and who we’ve become.

It’s a choice on how we activate our will and take action to live more aligned with our hear and soul.

We rise in the Spring out of the Winter Season and hopefully have learned our lessons. We can reflect on the Fall and Winter seasons and look at ourselves and what lessons or patterns we have overcome. Yet, if we are staying the same, we deny our own growth. Nothing changes until we change and take action and take responsibility in our life. It’s a choice whether we stay in the past or patterns or whether we wake up to our own growth and potential. Astrology can help us transcend karma and tap into our bliss and full authentic potential. Everyone has their own cycle, yet we can understand the archetypes and astrology to realize how we fall out of balance and stay stuck.

Aries is the element of FIRE. Fire can motivate us and inspire us into action or it can destroy and burn. We can learn to balance our energy and form awareness in how to live more consciously and mindfully and in sustainable ways. Too often our mind gets in the way and holds us back or our suppressed unconscious emotions and patterns catalyze us to react or stay in old behaviors that don’t serve. 

Aries is the Ram of the zodiac and they are known for being too head strong. Our challenge is always to embody more heart and soul and to get out of the head and our stubborn beliefs. This season our own ego either help us create or sabotage us from overcoming patterns and creating change. Being too selfish and guarded or insecure limits us. We all wear masks of fear and looking at how we are people pleasing and giving our energy away and without boundaries can help us shift to energetically be more sovereign and aligned within ourself.

As we come out of the depth and darkness of winter and Piscean season we often confront deep emotions and hidden pain. We can release old beliefs and understand our reality and all that happens by opening our mind and taking our power back within ourself.

There are big lessons to learn as we close up the old astrological year.

Aries is the I AM – when embodied they are secure, connected in their core, and aligned with their true nature, and a healthy ego.

What we choose now – moves us into the new year.

Have the courage to rise, grow up, and let go of mindsets, lifestyles, patterns, and people, who no longer serve your highest and happiest self… be willing to look at your own shadow and what life and the universe has been trying to teach you since September and during Winter.

It’s time to contain yourself, create a new foundation, and spark your own desires to know you are the creator of your life and you can go after what you love and deeply desire. 


Things to consider during Aries Season:

Aries season challenges us to own our life and become our own star. Usually when we shift out of codependence or negative patterns and insecurities, people notice and relationships change. It’s important to know during Aires season we can contain our energy, create balance in all relationships and lead in mindful and loving ways.

Aries is a leader. They often create, are entrepreneurs, and create confidence within themselves to do things different. Of course, to tap into the I am potential, it usually takes trials and tribulations. To be authentically empowered everyone gets to learn to develop emotional health and become resilient within. To overcome fear, and know thy self, and lead with soul power is a journey… it’s a choice whether we evolve and want to. Aries season is the time to initiate ourselves to create the life we desire and take action toward our higher goals. We must contain our power, be discipline, and use fire and passion in healthy conscious ways. We can burn thru negative emotions or traumas and clear the way for a more positive and aligned future, if we choose.

Yet, if we continue to build walls, drop bombs, and can’t contain ourselves, we continue to fuel the fire and create wars – first within us and with others. Our own self destruction and negative patterns will keep us out of alignment.

Use this new season to get clear within yourself on what matters and who you are today…and ask yourself what you want to create and who you want to become… and shift some habits and patterns so you can have a strong foundation to plant your seeds and grow.

Like plants and flowers bloom, we all get to water ourselves in healthy ways and stay dedicated to growth. We can allow new light to shine upon us and our lives. We can leave the cold energy of Winter and tame our energy in better ways. The reset is now. It’s never too late to change, to have the closure, to have the tough conversation, and to make peace with the past and your own actions.

It’s time to contain yourself, create a new foundation, and spark your own desires to know you are the creator of your life and you can go after what you love and deeply desire. 


Aries Season Questions to Explore or Journal On:

  • What are you passionate about and what lights you up and creates joy?
  • Who are you – at your core and in your heart?
  • What’s your highest soul calling or dream?
  • How can you rise from codependence and live more independent?
  • What emotional blocks and fears continue to hold you back?
  • What new inspired action can you take toward your bigger goals for the year?
  • Where are you living too headstrong and being too controlling and blocking ourselves from living more heart open and authentically aligned?
  • What energy, beliefs, and patterns are you releasing and wanting to change?

Energy Flows where Intention Goes –> How are you Aligning & Taking Right Action??

The Sign for Aries:  Two fish swimming in opposite directions (sometimes like yin/yang symbol)

Aries Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars [the God of War]


Aries Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

Aries are the confident leaders of the Zodiac. They do something first, have creative potential and are often entrepreneurs. The challenge is to align with the will and be able to take action and align our energy in conscious and healthy ways. It’s overcoming the control and being too head strong and learning to be emotionally open, and healing any volatile explosive emotions or anger that keeps us from being able to be fully expressed and aligned in our highest authentic light.

  • Aries challenges us to be emotionally and mentally balanced – overcome emotional wounds to live more empowered
  • Aries can be too selfish and not compassionate or caring about others
  • The lesson of Aries is to be yourself and overcome insecurity, codependency, and fear to live in your Soul light
  • Learn to tame emotions and create an inner fire to give us courage and grace to lead in healthy and mindful ways
  • Balance of being too masculine and controlling and having a healthy internal connection can make us sovereign and the leaders of our own life