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Kali Bliss Yoga Coach - Wellness and Ayurveda San Diego

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After spending years teaching yoga, coaching programs, and leading a wellness program at CorePower Yoga, Kali is inspired to share all she’s learned about mindfulness and wellness. Kali enjoys teaching people how to destress, indulge in more self care, and live happy naturally. Through her own ┬álife experience, Kali has discovered the amazing benefits of a daily yoga and meditation practice.

Kali  loves motivating others to take charge of their health, happiness, and wellbeing. She knows the power of yoga, the importance of routine self care, and what mindfulness can do to transform our life and total wellbeing!

Kali has a marketing background, and is certified in integrative psychology. She spent many years mastering the art of communicating, studying writing techniques, and teaching yoga. She completed a home study Ayurveda course (Yoga’s sister science), and is skilled in various healing modalities. Kali shares her yoga background and integrates meditation, self care tricks, breathing, and balance, to help clients feel good, and empowered in themselves.

Through healing her own pain, and overcoming her own health and digestive problems, and a depressing childhood, Kali has learned how to overcome barriers and limitations, and create a happy life. She can help people with mental and emotional wellness, and mental health.

Become your best authentic self. Transform into a more positive, loving, joyful person.

  • Feel Good, Passionate, and Alive within Yourself

  • Create more balance, harmony, happiness, & ease

  • Take your Yoga to a new level, with a daily routine

  • Discover mindful and self help techniques

  • Energize and upgrade your lifestyle and total wellbeing

  • Break free of limitations, defenses, and emotional set backs

Career + Life Consulting

Kali loves guiding people toward their passions, and enjoys showing them their strengths and weaknesses through astrology and yoga sciences. She can tell you more about your talents, strengths, and weaknesses, and help you discover a career you can be passionate about and enjoy. She loves helping people with branding and consulting, and improving business strategies. She loves empowering people to live a good life!

Wellness Coaching

Kali integrates her yoga background to coach and support others in their own development and growth. Kali works with clients to achieve their goals, and help them feel confident and secure in who they are. She specializes in helping people improve their happiness and wellbeing, and loves giving people tools and techniques to feel great, and radiate in the world. Kali utilizes ayurvedic approaches to natural health, and helps with emotional and mental release to assist with mental health, and more.


Kali’s first hobby and passion was photography. She has been shooting and traveling all over the world. Kali loves to utilize her creativity, artistic eye, and photography skills to make people and projects look beautiful. Kali has a travel blog, writes, and shoots sports, foods, portraits, events, and more.

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Kali's coaching integrates yoga philosophy and sciences, as she shares useful and easy tips to help people destress, and easily upgrade their lifestyle. She can empower you to make positive life changes, help you overcome habits and hurdles, and show you how to let go of defenses and shame, and live happy naturally.
She can help you feel beautiful, and blissful from the inside out!