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Kali can help you thrive and live life more fulfilled!

Kali enjoys teaching people how to destress, create more self care, and live happier within themselves. Through her own  life experience, Kali has discovered the amazing benefits adopting a yogic lifestyle and creating self care. She loves to help light up others to feel good in themselves and create more peace, ease, and wellbeing. You can improve your quality of living and overcome health hurdles with mindfulness and more. Kali loves to help people cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing and naturally improve their mood, confidence, and self esteem. Kali can motivate you to make positive changes, create emotional wellness, and improve your relationships and life. Create more connection by getting in tune with YOU – Mind, Body, & Soul.

Create Prosperity – Take charge of your health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Kali has a marketing background, and is certified in integrative psychology and mythology. She spent many years studying different philosophies, including yoga. Kali shares her yoga wisdom, Ayurveda knowledge, and more, to help clients feel good and empowered in themselves. After going through her own health issues, Kali loves to empower people to improve their health, digestion, and total wellbeing with her self care techniques and guidance. After spending years teaching yoga, coaching programs, mentoring students, and leading the Ayurvedic wellness program at CorePower Yoga, Kali is inspired to share all she’s learned about mindfulness and wellness.

Tap into Your Bliss.

Break through Fear. Live Empowered in Your Authentic Joyful Self. 

  • Feel Good, Passionate, and Alive within Yourself

  • Create more balance, harmony, happiness, & ease

  • Take your Yoga or Yoga Career to a new level

  • Discover mindful and self care techniques

  • Energize and upgrade your lifestyle and total wellbeing

  • Break free of limitations, defenses, and mental / emotional set backs

  • Have more energy, less stress

Career + Life Consulting

Become authentic and live well by being you and knowing who that really is! Kali loves guiding people toward their passions and purpose. She uses the yogic sciences to help you light up your life by connecting to your true nature. She can help you discover a career or calling and tell you how to upgrade your life, while supporting you in your dreams. Live empowered, motivated, and have more fun by connecting to your Soul’s calling and purpose. By understanding your unique soul and karma and optimizing your mind –> you can radically transform your life and create a life you LOVE.

Wellness Coaching

Look better, feel better, and live better. Kali can teach you how to create health and wellbeing – on levels: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Kali integrates her yoga and Ayurvedic background to coach and support others in all things wellness. Get inspired to take charge of your health and happiness, with some self care and support. You can improve your digestion, increase your immunity, and create emotional wellness by taking better care of you! Work with Kali to learn how to destress, strengthen your communication skills, improve eating habits, and learn simple ways to feel sexier and healthier.

Marketing + Branding

Kali has worked in digital marketing and at multiple ad agencies. She specializes in SEO and content and can help optimize your website and online strategy. Kali loves doing personal branding and assisting entrepreneurs in telling and creating their story online. She has an artistic eye and is great with design, aesthetics, and developing digital strategies. Kali does freelance photography and writing. She is always teaching how to optimize the mind to create a life you love and foster more prosperity!


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Kali can help you look good + feel good + create a life you love.