Create Health & Wellbeing – America Needs Balance & a New System

It’s going to take more than a Politician to help the Health Crisis in America!

We need a new system that adopts Western and Eastern Medicine and alternative holistic sciences to help the mind and body fully heal. Beyond drugs, there are other ways that we can help the body and mind restore wellness. If we don’t being to take care of our health, and have alternative remedies to help health, our health crisis will get bigger. The future of our health and all people depend on our ability to foster mental and emotional health and fully be able to develop health and wellbeing on every level – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. We all need to be able to take charge of our health and have ways to deal with our health problems.

Our Health and Happiness go beyond the body and physical issues.

The Mind, Body, Gut, & Emotions are Interconnected – If we don’t begin to develop mental/emotional health, beyond taking a pill, we will all continue to live with our suppressed emotions and create more physical disease,¬†dysfunction, and problems

Eastern Medicine, Yoga Sciences, Ayurveda, Neuroscience, and more can give us new remedies to help our mind and bodies heal

  • Suppressed emotions cause other physical problems – and can lead to cancer
  • Many problems can be alleviated by confronting the mind and giving people access to mental health remedies
  • The body follows the mind – physical issues happen when we can’t heal the mind and emotional attachment suppressed in the body
  • Without proper gut health and the ability to digest food, emotions, and more, people can develop disease and more
  • Alternative sciences can help the body heal by allowing emotions to move through the body, help with pain, and other physical problems

We all can adopt new beliefs about health  & wellness and do our part to individually create health.

The body has the capacity to heal and function, when we can overcome emotional triggers, trauma, PTSD, and other issues. Taking medications often suppress the root cause of the issue and can lead to other problems in the body and mind.

The whole body is affected people cannot live well, breathe, digest, and function optimally.