Aquarius Season & Astrology

All About Aquarius Sign & Season


Aquarian Dates: January 20 – February 18


Things to consider during Aquarius Season:

  • How can you be more unique and embody your goals and dreams?
  • Where are your insecurities and wounds and how can you step into your empowerment?
  • Where are you rebelling and thinking you’re right over all?
  • How can you live more grounded, out of the head, and shift your beliefs?
  • How can you live more confident and take action to your goals and desires?


The Sign for Aquarius :  Water Bearer or Ripples of Wave

Aquarius Element: Air -Mental

Aquarius Planet: Saturn & Uranus


Aquarius Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

  • Innovator, visionari, leader, humanitarian
  • Driven, Empowered, Leadership
  • Can be emotionally detached and come off as aloof
  • Out of balance: stubborn, live too in the head, unemotional, undiscipline
  • Soul purpose is to find their individuality and unique gifts and bigger purpose in life

Capricorn Season & Astrology

All About Capricorn Sign & Season



Capricorn Dates: December 22- January 19

Capricorn is the first sign of the zodiac and ushers in new energy that encourages us to commit, align, and start a new. We leave Sagittarius season, getting clear in our hopes, dreams, and wishes, and have a new idea of where we want to aim for the new year. Capricorn season starts at years end, around Christmas time. It can be a heavy time period where we are forced to let go of the old, to make space to build the new. It’s imperative to consider what really matters to you know, who aligns, and what is serving you and your bigger lofty goals? Getting grounded at years end, taking time to reflect, and putting energy into yourself and all you’re building can activate the energy in a clear direction for the new year cycle. The idea is to let go of what can’t work anymore, realize the lessons of the year, and take strides to release old energy and patterns and move forward with a new mindset, aim, and more.

Capricorn forces us to get discipline and balance is key for moderation and to have time and energy to create. As the mountain goat, Capricorn climbs the grand mountain and works hard to achieve it’s goals. Slow and steady wins the race, and with Capricorn patience pays, and must also be learned. With persistence and a plan and direction Capricorn can do what they desire and often lead and be great at business. It’s their choice whether they pave their own way, adopt their own mindset, and truly ground into themselves and their sovereignty to be able to build the career and life of their dreams.

The foundation we create at the start of the year paves the way forward. It’s vital to create a steady and stable foundation for yourself. This includes, cleaning up your home space, looking at where you use your time and energy, and considering how you take time for you and your big dreams. Consider your own mental and emotional balance. Are you living too headstrong, out of your mind and stubborn beliefs? Or are you able to get out of ego and old belief systems and transform to move through life in a more feminine, fun, form? The challenge with Capricorn is to use masculine energy well and with a strong feminine energy so you don’t come off trump like or narcissistic. To lead effectively, everyone needs to cultivate their own mental and emotional balance and be able to be an effective communicator. Getting out of boss and male power mode, and learning to healthily embody feminine aspects helps activate Capricorn energy. Capricorns learn to balance their energies, learning not to work too much, take time for play, and toward their own dreams and goals. Releasing their own baggage and creating strong positive will to believe in themselves and their dreams can help them climb their mountain, overcome obstacles, and never give up on themselves.


Things to consider during Capricorn Season:

  • What are your longterm and short term bigger dreams, goals, and desires?
  • If you could do anything in your life and not fail, what would it do? Can you take steps to do it?
  • What do you want for yourself in the new year?
  • What are your values? How are you living out of alignment with them?
  • In what areas of your life are your fears holding you back?
  • What belief systems and stubborn mindsets are holding you back?
  • Where are you being too controlling?
  • What did the last year cycle teach you? What have you let go of and what patterns have shifted or still need to?


The Sign for Capricorn:  The Mountain Goat

Capricorn Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn


Capricorn Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial, leader, strong work ethic
  • Driven, goal oriented, with higher vision
  • Can be to headstrong and male dominate, without emotional softness
  • Out of balance: have not discipline, emotional control, routine, goals
  • Need to individuate to become solid and stable in self and their bigger purpose or goals

Sagittarius Season & Astrology

All About Sagittarius Sign & Season


Sagittarius Dates: November 22- December 21

The last zodiac sign – the cycle of endings and clarity in how we can believe better, make shifts in our psyche, to transform our reality and aim towards our dreams. Hopes, dreams, and wishes are highlighted during Sagittarius Season!

The Sagittarius season is the best time to set intentions for the new year and begin to take actions towards what you desire. This includes personal changes to transform your life. Sagittarius helps us create our dreams, aim, and commit to our goals and aim well, with intention. This require unifying mind and heart and being realistic and open hearted and minded to create with ease, joy, and discernment.

The years end, which Sagittarius season falls, forces us to let go and learn to become better. Sagittarius helps us shift the psyche, to come out of our own limitations, often in our own belief systems and mind, so we can live more empowered, optimistic, and joyful. Since Sag season is after Scorpio – deep emotional muck, wounds, and heavy water energy… coming out of that, into Sagittarius can feel like a breathe of fresh air, with more lightness. In releasing our own negative emotions, toxic patterns, and limitations, we can free our energy to live in more sincere, hopeful, and joyful ways.

Things to consider during Sagittarius Season:

  • How are you channeling your inner fire and passion?
  • How you can find better balance with your emotional health, calm fire or anger, and get out of your own mind?
  • Where are you taking action to create your will and intention in your life?
  • What are your deep desires, dreams, and goals?
  • What limiting beliefs are holding you back from creating a life you love and having happiness and optimism in yourself?
  • Where are you staying stuck in your mind/Ego and not living open minded and hearted? (This includes stuck emotions/beliefs)


The Sign for Sagittarius:  The Archer – Bow + Arrow

Sagittarius Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter


Find balance during Sagittarius Season by grounding your energy, taming your inner fire, and pursuing your hopes, dreams, and passions with mindfulness, love, and joy


Sagittarius Archetype Traits, Personality, & Characteristics:

  • Social, playful, fun
  • Freedom Seeking – Enjoys Travels & Escapes & Adventures
  • Likes stimulation & knowledge
  • Seeks the meaning of life
  • Emotionally may not be available
  • Maybe untrustworthy and unreliable – can’t commit or plan well
  • Challenge: is to overcome belief systems and know what’s real and true
  • Their want to be liked can make them spiteful and defensive, in their skewed perception of reality




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