Being a Woman is a pleasure and a pain… Let’s be real, we deal with more shit & get extra emotional, and some days, have no idea why! Once a month though, we are able to blame out spontaneous outrage or chocolate craving on out moon cycle and ‘that’ time of the month.

Regardless, of if we are grieving, letting go, or whatever symbolism that time of month brings, we must keep living and loving. In Ancient days the menstrual cycle was symbolic as a sacred time for women to relax, and get back in touch with themselves and whatever their body was processing. It’s important to slow down during your cycle and listen to the body, and all that you are feeling. It can be an extra sensitive and emotional time for many ladies. 

Treat your cycle life a gift! I always make it my time to enjoy sweets and nurture myself, with whatever is going on.

Make Your Period More Enjoyable:

  • Do simple gentle movements like yoga or easy stretching
  • Watch what you are eating, your diet has a huge affect on hormones!
  • Reduce alcohol, caffeine, sugar, & dairy, especially the week before cycle
  • Drink Extra water, and eat less food
  • Make sure you have a bowel movement a day (it is common to get constipated at this time)
  • Heating pads help with the belly aches!
  • Choose PMS Tea from your local store
  • Take a detox from toxic people & substances
  • Let Yourself sleep in
  • Enjoy a soothing bubble bath

You are a woman, and you should make time for yourself to relax and be! Your body is precious, and there is a reason ladies are built different than men. It’s a fabulous time to retreat, have a day in bed or at home, and take extra care to get back to you!