Ayurveda= The Science of Life (Yoga’s sister science)

Yoga= Science with techniques and disciplines that help humans live peaceful and in touch with the best version of themselves.

Yoga & Ayurveda allows individuals to lead healthy and happy lives with a calm mind and balance and mindful living.

Help You realize your highest potential with balance living well in your mind, body, & spirit.

Yoga is a practice that began in India centuries ago. Although it began as an Eastern practice, it is has moved greatly into Western culture. With today’s busy word and the on going demand to be connected and online, there is an extra need for society to develop more mindful practices and learn how to silence the busyness of the outside world. Yoga and Ayurveda help people live a balanced lifestyle by teaching people how to slow down, have more ease, and deal with every day stresses and emotional troubles.


Everything and everyone affects us in some way. The world is energy, and so are we. Our bodies are meant to live with perfect health when we can treat ourselves well and truly live a balanced lifestyle. That is, taking care of ourself and being aware of how we treat ourselves (and others daily). Yoga helps you be in your body, and the breathe facilitates an awakening inside that helps us feel better and more connected to our own true nature. As you invoke yoga principles and asanas (poses) you can learn how to reform your lifestyle and live more connected to you, your soul, and the natural energies of the seasons. 


Yoga and Ayurveda allow people to get in touch with themselves and learn the best way to eat and behave according to their unique energy. By shifting your eating routines, letting go of habits, and fueling your system better, you can improve your digestion and feel better in your own skin. Weight loss happens easily when your body is thriving. Your natural and balanced state is happy, healthy, and living satisfied as the unique person you were born to be!

The more in tune you become to your own energy, and the energy of the world, you can recognize when old habits and patterns creep in. Astrology and the planets are energies too that affect us and cause us often to feel unsteady. These energies can affect our emotions, and cause us to create bad behaviors is we are not aware of it. Yoga helps you steady your mind, stay grounded, and present in every moment. Ayurveda teaches you how to eat well and use the seasonal energies to maintain optimal health. Your health is created with how well you feed yourself, and everything you put into your system, and everything you are around. Stay happy by choosing good things that truly serve you and keep you balanced naturally!