Signs Your Body Needs a Spring Detox and Cleanse

The Spring season helps us all transition and plant new seeds and grow new beginnings. Our bodies react the same way! We leave winter behind and with it leave lots of other crap behind too. The birth of a new season awakens within us new changes and transitions too. The body is always changing. We are all constantly evolving and growing. Your old state cannot match your new state. You must discover balance.

As you begin doing Yoga and taking better measures of self care, your body responds and becomes more sensitive. The healthier you treat yourself, the more your body adapts. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. The only constant that happens is change; within us and around us. It is important to take time to love your body and love yourself, especially in the midst of change and new beginnings.

The seasonal transitions bring endings and a new chapter in all our lives. Our hearts yearn, our bodies hold, and our human mind wants to hold onto everything. We are not taught change. Growth is essential for development. It is by changing your habits, switching up your routine, and living in different ways, you can create more opportunity. Doing the same thing daily will surely drive you insane. Holding onto the same people or ways of living may keep you stuck or hold you back from moving forward. Adapting new habits can help you refine your sense of self and live with the cyclical flow of nature. Now is the best time to learn more about your body, how food reacts in your system, and take better initiatives to refine your wellness this year!

The mind expands, life goes on, and our bodies adapt with it. The best time to improve your health and reset your life is the Spring. Nature is on your side to help create change and transition with healthier ways and better habits!

Signs Your Body is Ready for a Detox:

  • You have little to no energy & feel tired
  • Your congested and feeling very ‘off’
  • You have not taken a poop since yesterday or longer
  • You need coffee to feel alert
  • Your skin is breaking out for no reason
  • You have low motivation to get through your day
  • You feel hopeless
  • You desire change, yet can’t figure out how
  • You have food cravings that wont go away
  • New allergies have surfaces you can’t explain
  • You desire a healthier lifestyle

The body is the vehicle that can help you wake up with energy and create new ambitions. Spring cleaning is necessary to help you unload what was and move forward. It is by tweaking and refining our sense of self, where we learn how to feel better and become better.


Let Spring transform you & create healthier habits that can help you sustain a happy life!



Yoga & Ayurveda ~ Balance is a Lifestyle.


Ayurveda= The Science of Life (Yoga’s sister science)

Yoga= Science with techniques and disciplines that help humans live peaceful and in touch with the best version of themselves.

Yoga & Ayurveda allows individuals to lead healthy and happy lives with a calm mind and balance and mindful living.

Help You realize your highest potential with balance living well in your mind, body, & spirit.

Yoga is a practice that began in India centuries ago. Although it began as an Eastern practice, it is has moved greatly into Western culture. With today’s busy word and the on going demand to be connected and online, there is an extra need for society to develop more mindful practices and learn how to silence the busyness of the outside world. Yoga and Ayurveda help people live a balanced lifestyle by teaching people how to slow down, have more ease, and deal with every day stresses and emotional troubles.


Everything and everyone affects us in some way. The world is energy, and so are we. Our bodies are meant to live with perfect health when we can treat ourselves well and truly live a balanced lifestyle. That is, taking care of ourself and being aware of how we treat ourselves (and others daily). Yoga helps you be in your body, and the breathe facilitates an awakening inside that helps us feel better and more connected to our own true nature. As you invoke yoga principles and asanas (poses) you can learn how to reform your lifestyle and live more connected to you, your soul, and the natural energies of the seasons. 


Yoga and Ayurveda allow people to get in touch with themselves and learn the best way to eat and behave according to their unique energy. By shifting your eating routines, letting go of habits, and fueling your system better, you can improve your digestion and feel better in your own skin. Weight loss happens easily when your body is thriving. Your natural and balanced state is happy, healthy, and living satisfied as the unique person you were born to be!

The more in tune you become to your own energy, and the energy of the world, you can recognize when old habits and patterns creep in. Astrology and the planets are energies too that affect us and cause us often to feel unsteady. These energies can affect our emotions, and cause us to create bad behaviors is we are not aware of it. Yoga helps you steady your mind, stay grounded, and present in every moment. Ayurveda teaches you how to eat well and use the seasonal energies to maintain optimal health. Your health is created with how well you feed yourself, and everything you put into your system, and everything you are around. Stay happy by choosing good things that truly serve you and keep you balanced naturally!


Survive the Holiday Flu Season

Avoid getting sick this holiday flu season!

Our immune system functions based on what we put into our system, how we treat ourselves, and with our environment. The food we eat, how we choose to indulge, and the thoughts we think affect our whole system. Holiday time can be extra happy with celebrations and lots of liquid love. It can also be a stressful time with money worries, travel, & getting everything together. Plus the end of the year always brings up old problems. Stay balanced by watching how you treat yourself.

Most of our bodies ability to fight off disease is found in your gut. When you are able to maintain good digestion and elimination, your body is able to easily expel foreign invaders and toxins. Within the gut are millions of microorganisms that help keep your organs functioning well and protect the immune system. There are many factors that contribute to the holiday blues and illnesses. Stress, overworking, overeating, sugar, alcohol, and too much fun can deplete your system and leave you feeling tried, run down, cranky, and eventually ill. Too much of anything can leave us depleted and our inner body quite upset.


Keep your energy high this holiday with these tricks:

  1. Load up on Vitamin C
  2. Get extra sleep
  3. Sweat Daily
  4. Limit your alcohol to 2 drinks
  5. Watch how your body eliminates
  6. Let yourself Sleep in
  7. Wash your hands more
  8. Use teas to boost your immune system
  9. Stay hydrated with extra water
  10. Rest & listen to your body when it needs TLC


Fight the Flu with proper care! Holidays are a busy and fun time. Make sure your water intake is MORE than your sugar or alcohol intake. Watch what you eat. Too much of anything can weaken your system, and cause an imbalance in your gut and how your body functions and performs.

You’re allowed to relax and enjoy the holidays… Listen to what YOU need to stay well!

Make Your Moon Cycle Less Moody

Being a Woman is a pleasure and a pain… Let’s be real, we deal with more shit & get extra emotional, and some days, have no idea why! Once a month though, we are able to blame out spontaneous outrage or chocolate craving on out moon cycle and ‘that’ time of the month.

Regardless, of if we are grieving, letting go, or whatever symbolism that time of month brings, we must keep living and loving. In Ancient days the menstrual cycle was symbolic as a sacred time for women to relax, and get back in touch with themselves and whatever their body was processing. It’s important to slow down during your cycle and listen to the body, and all that you are feeling. It can be an extra sensitive and emotional time for many ladies. 

Treat your cycle life a gift! I always make it my time to enjoy sweets and nurture myself, with whatever is going on.

Make Your Period More Enjoyable:

  • Do simple gentle movements like yoga or easy stretching
  • Watch what you are eating, your diet has a huge affect on hormones!
  • Reduce alcohol, caffeine, sugar, & dairy, especially the week before cycle
  • Drink Extra water, and eat less food
  • Make sure you have a bowel movement a day (it is common to get constipated at this time)
  • Heating pads help with the belly aches!
  • Choose PMS Tea from your local store
  • Take a detox from toxic people & substances
  • Let Yourself sleep in
  • Enjoy a soothing bubble bath

You are a woman, and you should make time for yourself to relax and be! Your body is precious, and there is a reason ladies are built different than men. It’s a fabulous time to retreat, have a day in bed or at home, and take extra care to get back to you!

“Crushing” Yoga

I laid my mat down in the back of a yoga room and attempted to find a peaceful place to saturate my breathe and dissolve my thoughts and worldly problem for the precious hour I was able to make it to my mat. In the yoga room, you’re suppose to honor peace, silence, and a somewhat ‘sacred’ space for people to get their chill on and feel good Ommmmful vibes. Of course, some places that idea is more respected than others. As I was about to close my eyes and take a few grounded breathes before the class began a girl comes in and puts her mat right in from of me. Literally, blocking the entire mirror of my sight and not even making en effort to consider staggering mats as a way to share the space. Then she looks at the guy, looking like he was maybe 30, next to her, says some words, and he replies, ‘Oh I’m going to crush this yoga class. I don’t care how hungover I am, I’m going to kill it and crush it…’ then he goes on to say some other useless thoughts.

I sat on my mat and actually laughed. Appalled at such an idea being muttered in a pretty silent room, yet shocked he would want the entire room to know he was about to intoxicate us with his hungover fumes and alcohol stink. Has yoga really become that place you go to detox so you can retox again? How has it become morally acceptable for someone to use the words hungover and yoga in the same sentence? Buddy, man on the mat, who very well may still be feeling the shots he took the night before, I hate to tell you Yoga is not a practice where that is meant to help you feel better because you decide to ‘go to town’ and sabotage your self amongst liquids and other less then filling toxins that make you seem morally acceptable. Yoga is so much more.

Throughout the class he stood in my forward vision, in the corner of my eye, and I heard him huff and puff and show off his strong push ups and whatever else he was attempting to prove with the poses. At the end he let out a huge sigh and loud breathes, as if he was curing us all with his dirty energy. I mean Heeelllloooo, we all heard you say you were there to sweat it out, get it out, and crush whatever aspect of yourself you thought needed crushing… I hope he did ‘crush’ and ‘kill’ whatever demons he was attempting to shoot and I hope he conquered whatever he was there to do. Beyond anything else, I hope one day, this guy, and any other person using ‘yoga’ for a place to find strength, ‘crush’ and show off their sexy body, or purge off their demented alcohol habit, finds a better way of living and most of all, more moral respect for themselves. I’d bet tonight he ‘crushes’ the bar scene again, and shows up to yoga, for his detox shower, and continues the sick habit again and again.

There is no crushing in yoga. In fact, the practice was designed to help you feel better naturally, so when you leave, you can feel lighter, more connected, at ease, and integrate this ‘peace’ into your day and life. Yoga, it helps you unravel the habits, and break those stupid ways of living that some how we learned were morally acceptable. There is no need to ‘prove’ ‘crush’ or physically do. Actually, yoga is so much more. Showing up on your mat is one thing, you can’t call yourself a yogi though if you’re there to win, have, show off, or feed off whatever you drank the night before (or that ego telling you so). It may happen on occasion, that random event when you enjoy good company, drink some wine, and show up with a small headache. So be it. But if that’s what gets you out at night, keeps you up at night, and causes you to need yoga to ‘crush’ the misery you put yourself in, and feel inclined to brag about it, while you are in your 20-30 you have a lot of growing up to do… there is a bigger problem. Not to mention the damage your doing to your body, and the toxic fumes your sending into the room for others to inhale and take in. Come on now, show some respect! There are plenty of other options, in fact  I’ve heard showers help naturally, and there is a big blue sea walking distance, you could go jump in. We, the yogis who are there to do yoga, really don’t want to smell or take in your shit. Showing up in a place that is designed to let you be still, in yourself, with yourself, is probably not the best fit for you either, since you’re still seeking outside approval and think the idea of getting and working out is the purpose of the practice. ] It’s great you want to ‘crush’ yoga, what if you tried to let yoga ‘crush’ you? I mean enter the room with respect, shut up, stop talking and projecting your bragging words for everyone to hear, and do everyone a favorite and come to class when you are able to huff and puff because you are in such a natural ecstatic state that takes you deep within that lets you feel the power of what yoga can really do. Then that need to prove, do, show off, or say, might begin to be unraveled, and maybe one day you’ll make a conscious effort to show up in the space with real virtues that invoke what the practice is all about. Or at least respect the others, and the teacher, who is there not to cure your hangover but promote sane living without that other stuff.

Yoga. It purifies you, it lets you unload, and it’s a practice that helps you live better without all that other crap or ego needs and selfish (uncentered) acts. I humble myself and do a lot of internal laughing when I see teachers preaching the strength, students showing off the abs, or people there to get a nice ass or work their muscles in a form to look better. Nope, sorry, that’s fitness. Yoga is being silent, still, and learning to respect yourself so you can be in yourself… and even understand what that means. The moment you try to ‘crush’ anything, especially with the intentions to shed last nights late night scene, I hope you realize you’re really only crushing yourself, and hiding from the real ego need that is calling to you to be killed…. the moment you can respect yourself, and others, and be present in showing up as a moral person, then maybe Yoga will start to teach you how to crush what you are really seeking to find, and most especially feel… Yoga fills you better than any substance, and yoga lets you be you, as you, and teaches you the qualities of peace and how you can live a more satisfactory life, without all the other bullshit.


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